Final Fight 3 Restoration + MSU-1 + SRAM

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Final Fight 3 Restoration + MSU-1 + SRAM Empty Final Fight 3 Restoration + MSU-1 + SRAM

Final Fight 3, the sequel to Final Fight 2, garnered much love from the Final Fight fan base (much more than its predecessor) and was a welcomed addition to the series as a whole.  With the inclusion of special moves, a super meter, branching paths, and not three but four characters to choose from it was deemed by many to be the best out of the three games.  With such a high regard for the game it would only be a matter of time before those with the hacking prowess would enhance the game even further.  One of the first to jump on the hacking scene for this game was SCD with his Restoration patch which restores color palettes of enemies and the beta dialogue for Dean, and as an added bonus fixes typos.  Within a year or two the MSU-1 was implemented to give the already superb game an extra kick.  The latest on the scene is the QOL hack SRAM by BillyTime! Games, who has made other SRAM hacks for other games as well.  (Loading without actually having a save will skip directly to the ending cutscene, which makes all of this null and void.)

Final Fight 3 Restoration + MSU-1 + SRAM Final_10

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