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Link's Uncle - ALTTP Prequel Community Project Empty Link's Uncle - ALTTP Prequel Community Project

Post by TheBootlegBandit Wed 8 Feb 2023 - 4:20

ALTTP Hack - Legend of Uncle Alfonse

**I was suggested to move this thread here for better community exposure (previously in Requests)**

Hey everyone, I'm The Bootleg Bandit. I've worked on a few projects for various games/platforms including Grandfather Mario, Super Dr.Mario (you can find on and currently working on a Mario's Cement Factory Platformer project.

I thought it would be a fun idea to see if any group of individuals in the Zeldix community wanted to come together and work on a fun side project.

The Game would be ALTTP hacked to feature Link's Uncle as the protagonist. This would serve as a prequel with events taking place right before ALTTP.

Although we have limited information on this character, we know Uncle Alphonse was very loyal to the royal family and there are many other things we can expand upon. By taking what we know and expanding upon it, we're essentially breathing life into this forgotten character. (This is something I like to do in my rom hacks.) I always pay close attention to the character, what the character's creator would have intended, and I ensure that focus is kept the entire project.

I have many ideas for this already, but I'm hoping others would want to come together and be involved to brainstorm and discuss these ideas and add many more as we go.

The result would be a fun side story romhack that would be extremely unique and capture the hearts of many die-hard zelda fans.

If there's any interest in this project, let me know! I wasn't planning on working on any more games at the moment but if we get the right group with the right attitude, I think this could be fun.

If you think this is an interesting concept, let's hear your thoughts!

If you think you might like to work on something like this or know someone who would, let me know as well, and send a DM!

If there's enough interest, I will make another post and begin assembling the team based on everyone's preferences. Razz


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