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Post by chrisedwardtrainer Wed 6 Sep 2023 - 21:04

I put together tracks from the actual movie that wanted to swap in. I downloaded some of the necessary files. I followed the arcade TV guide and am stuck on the hack and build rom portion. I don't understand the part in bold it just says folders. The others have a specific name. Also can't find those batches mentioned in bold.  I made myself an unofficial soundpack as well.


Prepare filesystem
This may vary between patch repositories, but I will update older releases to use the same structure for convenience.

Think this may be over my head. But I would love to see this happen, either by me figuring it out or someone creating a patch for it. I believe it uses a custom Sunsoft sound driver so I am not sure if it is possible. Thanks.

Root folder (could be anywhere on your computer)
[Folders] contents of repository
patch.asm (etc, additional asm files)
.bat files (_make_srec-jp.bat, _apply_srec-jp.bat, build.bat etc.)

[Folder] ROMS (unpatched, padded ROM)
[Folder] OUTPUT


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