The Legend of Zelda (infidelity) VRC6 pcm pack

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The Legend of Zelda (infidelity) VRC6 pcm pack Empty The Legend of Zelda (infidelity) VRC6 pcm pack

Post by Arasoi Sun 5 Nov 2023 - 2:17

Here is a full VRC6 pcm pack for infidelity's Legend of Zelda MSU-1 port.

It has arrangements by IsabelleChiming, Jammel, NeonBigBird, and nelk114.

All of the additional tracks in infidelity's port such as extra music for different caves, the save screen, etc have been covered as well. For this pack IsabelleChiming's 8 unique VRC6 arrangements for the 8 dungeons lend some nice variety while not deviating from the original dungeon theme's composition.

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