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Post by AlexSMRPG Sun 3 Dec 2023 - 0:38

Hello. I'm a YouTube streamer from Brazil and Tom & Jerry for the SNES is a very special game from my childhood.
I know this game is not popular at all and not even good, but it's a very important game to me in a personal level and my audience enjoys watching me play it. Just like Top Gear, Tom & Jerry is a somewhat popular SNES in Brazil thanks to pirate multigame carts.
We have so much attachment to this game, that one of my subscribers created incredible remixes of the OST.
As silly as it sounds, creating an MSU-1 with these remixes has become my dream, as a way to thank them.
However, don't know how to create MSU1 hacks. They recommended this site to me, since it has many experts on the matter.
Can anybody help me? The game has just 5 tracks: two stage songs, a stage clear theme, a credits theme and the original Tom & Jerry theme in the opening. I've included those 5 songs alongside this post. The original songs from this game are very basic, so these remixes are really incredible!
Thank you very much for your attention
Here is the link with the tracks:


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