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Post by TheGloriousOmni Sat 20 Apr 2024 - 19:22

Hello! So I'm a complete newbie to LttP hacking, only really going as far as learning how to add msu packs to my game... which... isn't really hacking I guess.
I've been slowly kinda putting together my own version of LttP, a personal "definitive Edition" as it were, kinda combining patches that exist for what I would consider a "perfect" version. One that I haven't been able to find though is making Agahnim's color scheme Red rather than Green like his official artwork depicts. I know Redux has this, and although that's a great mod, but they make some changes that I'm personally not a fan of.
I tried to edit the sprite myself's incredibly confusing. I was able to edit the sprite in yy-chr and I saw the changes in my rom, but I think the next step is to edit the palette in a hex editor? I'm not sure, and I can only really find tutorials on how to change Link's sprite so...
If this is ok, would it be possible to get this in a patch?


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Red Agahnim Empty Re: Red Agahnim

Post by Liny Fri 3 May 2024 - 2:49

If you have the "Hyrule Magic" editor, you can find the palette in "Palettes -> Enemies 1 -> Enemies 1 pal 14".

If you have the "ZScream" editor, you can find the palette in "Graphics Manager (bottom tab) -> Sprites Aux3 -> Aux 14".

If you'd prefer to directly edit the palette through hex editing, the address you're looking for is (assuming no rom header) 0xDD5A4:
FF7F 1841 3616 1D3B A514 521F 0D12

Each of those chunks of 4 bytes represents one of the 7 colors that make up Agahnim's palette. If you'd like an idea of what to change it to, I personally use:
FF7F FD02 7272 387B A514 5D19 990C

I have no idea if those values will work well with the edits you've already made to the sprites in yychr, but mine were made to be used with sprites taken from Redux (albeit with my own slight adjustments), so if you based your changes on Redux, then you should be fine.
Keep in mind that this palette is also used for the skeletal remains of the King of Hyrule in the opening, so if you care about that, you may need to also make changes to that sprite in yychr as well.

I can't seem to link files directly through these replies, so I can't share anything from here. Hopefully you can get this working for yourself, but if you really can't figure it out, let me know and I'll see if I can't get an ips patch file (and maybe a yychr bin file) sent your way.

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