Random and special treasure dig up

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Random and special treasure dig up Empty Random and special treasure dig up

Information: This patch will give you the ability to dig up random treasures and you will be able to hide dig-up sprites like Heart Container pieces!
Rom: ALTTP (US), without Header, 24 items menu with closing gap through shovel preapplied recommended

Random rupees / Special treasure collect / Flute replacement:
Random and special treasure dig up Image610

Ips Patch: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/stuff/Con/random_special_treasure.zip

Additional info: It is strongly recommended to use this hack with a 24 items menu and the shovel closing the gap preapplied, so you keep the shovel! Inside you find merged patch with random rupees gain and the ability to insert specific treasures (tested and confirmed so far only for Heart Container pieces) to hide anywhere except big screens. Inside a zip you will also find the old patch that only allows to dig up random treasures.

Since it is not possible to set other items like boomerang to dig up, I made a small tutorial how to replace the flute by another item. This however is restricted to screen 2A where you natively find the flute.

Main code is at 0x77e30, which is unused space in native ALTTP - but not in Parallel Worlds. If you want to use it on PW, please shift the code to unused space there!

Random and special treasure dig up Image212

Since : 2013-06-30

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