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The Legend of Zelda - Dark Prophecy Empty The Legend of Zelda - Dark Prophecy

Information: Completely new dungeons, overworlds, gfx
The Legend of Zelda - Dark Prophecy Dp-realgfx_zps6fdb5ddb
Latest version: Testing Builds
Patch Download:

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Since : 2012-06-19

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The Legend of Zelda - Dark Prophecy :: Comments


Post Fri 10 Jan 2020 - 15:42 by Santa Link

Dark Prophecy Dungeons Testing Build Download

^^You can test the dungeons with this patch, however most of them are either unfinished or have bugs in them.

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Post Fri 10 Jan 2020 - 15:50 by Conn

Nice that you opened that, SePH, I always wanted to share these asm codes for DP with the community:

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Post Tue 21 Jan 2020 - 1:30 by Wolfcat

I played the heck out of this rom hack, but I am not sure I can get any further.

Here are the items I was able to get:
Bow and Arrows(not the silver arrows),
the blue boomerang,
the hookshot,
bombs(but not the super bomb),
the ether medallion,
the lamp,
the magic hammer,
the book of Mudora
one bottle(and found the shop),
the cane of Somaria,
the magic mirror,
the running boots,
the first level glove(lift 2),
the moon pearl,
the level 4 sword,
the small first shield,
the red tunic in the menu(but black in the game otherwise),
12 and 3/4s of the hearts
and 2 crystals, but I couldn't grab one pendant because afterward the game went black.
I beat all the enemies and bosses I encountered except Kholdstare, and except Ganon in the end game Ganon fight.
The bosses I don't remember encountering in this hack are:
Armos Knights,
and Trinexx

I found an overworld glitch area I can go into to checkout other hidden areas that are not supposed to be ventured near the darkworld swamp palace dungeon. Just head to the right bottom and head right if you find that area.

About an item I didn't find:
Using the glitch I just sort of explained I was able to get to Zora's Domain, but King Zora wasn't there, nor any of the Zora's, so either they are in hiding or they were killed or died for some reason.

That being said I didn't get the flippers for swimming, so I couldn't play through the water temple. Perhaps someone put it in a chest somewhere else.

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Post Sun 26 Dec 2021 - 23:33 by Letterbomb

Updated the patch to this hack, the file now includes the overworld, sprites and title screen along with the dungeon patch from before. Enjoy!

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