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Post by Puzzledude Wed 9 Jul 2014 - 7:11

UPS patcher

UPS patching format is the succesor of IPS. It was created to avoid and resolve all the problems, which can occur with IPS, mainly it adds the so called checksum validation of the original file, which is being patched and therefore prevents any false patching and bugged roms (due to false patching).

Open the program and select Create patch. Under 'Original file' browse to Alttp US No-header rom. Under 'Modified file' browse to the Hack or any modified rom. Under 'UPS patch file to create' type in the name of the patch (same as modified rom name), plus the .ups extension! That's it.

The main standard of the site is UPS, but you can still use IPS (specially for multiple patching of the work-in-progress projects), but in this case you must specify the CRC-32 id of the original file, as well as the CRC of the final patched game (hack).

Note. Even UPS can be used as IPS by checking the "bypass checksum".

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