BS Zelda - Map 1: English Dub

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BS Zelda - Map 1: English Dub Empty BS Zelda - Map 1: English Dub

- Patch (v2, jan 2019):
- Restoration Version:
Description: bszelda msu1 hack will resemble original 1 hour playtime each week, so each track will last 1 hour with voice acting

Download the pcm:s (v2, jan 2019) here:

BS Zelda - Map 1: English Dub Image212

Since : 2012-06-19

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Post Mon 14 Jan 2019 - 21:25 by Conn

With much thanks to Pev, I introduced 3 new pcm tracks

- the title screen remains spc
- the week intro which was former the same title screen spc is now orchestrated (from Pev's TQ pack)
- the good end credits are now that desired theme from the video
- the bad end credits are the game over from Pev's TQ pack

Of course also Map2 DUB has been updated as well:

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