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Post by wizzrobemaster on Sun 12 Feb 2017 - 7:41

Will more ASM patches that have not been posted, but exist for other hacks appear in the future?


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 ASM patches Empty Re: ASM patches

Post by Puzzledude on Sun 12 Feb 2017 - 9:24

that have not been posted, but exist
All ASM patches which "exist" have also been released/posted. Conn was clear that he will not hold back any codes to be used for specific projects only, so he made everything available.

You however can not expect this from everyone, but I believe SePH also said that once the Conker 1.1 is released he will also made all the ASM in it available (such as the weed effect and smartphone HUD/Menu).


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 ASM patches Empty Re: ASM patches

Post by Conn on Sun 12 Feb 2017 - 12:40

I think he is refering to the asm to switch LW/DW via caves; this asm topic is indeed hard to find (thanks for digging it up).
Maybe it is worth to make a section about additional asm snippets - if you are willing to take that effort of course Wink

In later codings I released most patches I created for Conker in the all-in section, so everybody interested can use that for an own project.

SePH said he wants to release all Conker documentations including asm stuff. As said I released all my patches already (well most of them since some requests by SePH were highly specific). But if a asm is needed that is made by Euclid, you can also directly ask him - (e.g., the overworld with 2 layers by merging DW with LW, the guards catch you in weed factory asm, the transfer text asm to be able to extend monologues, the hdma effects (on drugs, underwater, etc...) and all the other goodies Euclid created Razz

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