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ZOLE v4.6 (Zelda Oracles Level Editor) Empty ZOLE v4.6 (Zelda Oracles Level Editor)

Post by Founder Thu 9 Mar 2017 - 0:14

A github fork update of the Oracles Level Editor originally written by Lin20:

Drenn1 wrote:ZOLE 4.6 is an update to ZOLE 4.5 by Drenn, which adds several bugfixes.

Most notably, it allows ZOLE-modded roms to work properly on real hardware and accurate
emulators (emulators that are not VBA). If you are experiencing random crashes or
graphical corruption, open your ROM with this version of ZOLE, and click on "Re-apply ASM
patches" in the menu. This will apply a rewritten ASM patch which fixes most of the issues
of the old one.

This folder also contains Drenn's updated ZOSE, which supports all of the opcodes that the
original ZOSE didn't know about. See ZOSE.html for the new opcodes. Note, however, that
the new opcodes currently don't work for script decompilation.

ZOTE.exe and ZOCF.exe are unmodified; they are the same versions you can find elsewhere on
the internet.


The latest release being v4.6 which you can find here:



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