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Princess Zelda Palette Empty Princess Zelda Palette

Post by jmanshaman Tue 4 Apr 2017 - 23:05

Is it possible to edit the palette for the Princess Zelda sprite within Hyrule Magic, or do I need to decompress the image with zcompress?


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Princess Zelda Palette Empty Re: Princess Zelda Palette

Post by Charmander106 Wed 5 Apr 2017 - 0:12

I don't know if it is editable in Hyrule Magic but Zcompress just deals with just the graphic part, nothing with the palettes.

What I would do is use SNES Palette Editor found here: Link

All you need is to find one color off of Zelda Sprite during the game and take a screenshot of her. Open the image in any image editing software (regular paint for Windows for example) and grab the RGB values.

Then open up your rom in the SNES Palette editor, click the search button [Search >>] if its not open yet and tick the Auto Convert check box. Input the RGB values in their respective places and hit search. There now should be a list of colors to the left that the editor found. Then just look through the list till you find it and then edit the colors to whatever you want! The editor also displays the offset and raw color data as well.

I already went ahead to find Zelda palette using the method above and found that her palette is shared among the Knights as well so I would be careful how much you change the palette.

The offset I found was: $0DD270

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Princess Zelda Palette Empty Re: Princess Zelda Palette

Post by scawful Wed 5 Apr 2017 - 19:36

This is awesome you found this, considering I was also looking for this palette to change Zelda into Farore. Thank you!!

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