Megaman 7 MSU-1 (8-bitish Cover Version)

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Megaman 7 MSU-1 (8-bitish Cover Version)

Post by thepsynergist on Tue 4 Jul 2017 - 3:00

Hey guys, and welcome to my 2nd MSU-1 8-bit cover album.  I just want to give a HUGE thank you DarkShock, as I wouldn't have been able to apply my music to this game without you, so thanks a bunch!

Now, this is an 8-bitish cover album just like the one I did for Link to the Past.  What's 8-bitish you might ask? Well, unlike 8-bit, I don't follow the rules to a 'T' like the limitations of 8-bit music. However, it's not chiptunes either. For this one, made covers of the original songs, kept the kick and snare drum, while replacing the hi-hats and cymbals with 8-bit versions. The rest of the instruments are from NES/GBC instruments. This was more of a stylistic choice and experiment, however, I had a lot of fun with it.

Unlike the Link to the Past version, I learned how to properly loop the songs.  Hey, we all start somewhere.  =p

Anyway, this was originally a birthday present to my friend, and I figured you guys would want to check it out.

If you want to get this working, you'll have to find the ROM yourself, as I can't share it.  >.<  I know, it sucks, but legality and whatnot.

The .ips included can be patched with any headerless Megaman 7 rom (.smc or .sfc is fine, snes9x can play either or.)

If you want to check out all the music before playing, feel free to watch this on my Youtube page:  

Now, without further ado, here's the download link:
Download link to the patch.

I hope you guys like it, and hopefully more MSU-1 patches will come out for other games (Illusion of Gaia would be cool, just sayin'  =p)

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Re: Megaman 7 MSU-1 (8-bitish Cover Version)

Post by smokemonster on Fri 7 Jul 2017 - 17:05

Awesome work, I love your 8-bit ALTTP. This looks incredible too. Thanks for sharing and keep up the "demastering" Very Happy
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