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Gradius III - Page 5 Empty Gradius III

-  Patch  -

Patches for US/JP v3* (by PepilloPEV):
*Support for Vitor's SA-1 patches included. Please review readme file for details.

-  PCM Packs  -

Arcade (by Relikk):

X68000 MIDI Power Arranged (by Relikk):

Kurrono's "Arranged" Pack:

-  Track Map  -


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Gradius III :: Comments


Post Thu 30 Dec 2021 - 15:20 by Conn

As said in the dm... This wasn't my intention at all. It was only out of curiosity. I took Vitor's patch.bps, and the latest 1.7 and extracted a patch in 2 seconds work.
Your revision is absolutely needed imo, I made first the dirty fix since I didn't know when (better: if ever) you have time...
With the revision you made we'd have a clean source code at last again. Sorry if I upset you Sad

I also don't even know where to get the std and org patch and all that stuff, this never was really my project Smile

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Post Thu 30 Dec 2021 - 16:10 by alex_tenjo

After a quick test I can confirm that it is working (at least for the std version).

However, there is something strange: I had previously tried to extract the MSU1 part of the merged patch (I think it is more or less what Conn made), and even if I think the value between 0x007FD7 and 0x007FD9 are suspicious, I patched and test the ROM with the MSU1 code only. Results are not good, the game is not playing the right song and I ended my previous attempt here thinking that I faced some kind of mistake that I will not be able to solve on my own.
Then, I got the exact same result using the extraction made by Conn, so I decided to go further and trying to apply the SA1 Japanese patch over the MSU1 to finish the ROM. Once done it is now working as intended, what should mean that a part of the SA1 patch seems to be necessary in order to make the MSU1 code working properly.

I am very interested in your code pepillopev to try if I can make it working as a standalone MSU1 patch and then mix it with the SA1 without issue.

Thanks you both for your patience and time.

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Post Thu 30 Dec 2021 - 16:25 by Conn

Interesting, but nice that you think about the same solutions as I do to help yourself. I think Pev re-coded from scratch - so his new code is clean and can better be ported to the japanese version.

and even if I think the value between 0x007FD7 and 0x007FD9 are suspicious
That should only be the ingame-header checksum, no need to ever worry about these bytes. I always forget to fix it in my patches just alike I never do any proper documentation  Woot!!

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Post Thu 30 Dec 2021 - 20:24 by pepillopev

@alex_tenjo Source code for stock and origin sa-1 version of Gradius III. I will give you some time to attempt to port to regular sa-1. Honestly, it is not that difficult (not much was changed other than RAM locations). I did a full play through on both patches from this new source and it worked flawlessly for me.


@Conn Sorry for my temper tantrums. Other things beyond my control (ie, last minute work shit on my vacation) have put me in a bad state of mind. Did not intentionally mean to pass this along.

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Post Fri 31 Dec 2021 - 1:02 by alex_tenjo

It is working exactly as intended. To save both of your time, I have attached an archive with all the patches done.
There are two folders with two sub-folders within for both.

MSU-1/IPS_Muli-Region : There is an IPS with the checksum remove because it can be use on the JPN or US ROM.
MSU-1/BPS_Localised : There are two BPS, one for the JPN and one for the US ROM, with both checksums corrected.

MSU-1-SA1/IPS_MSU-1_Base_Muli-Region : There is an IPS with the checksum remove because it can be use on the JPN or US ROM. That patch can be use in case of an update of the SA1 part.
MSU-1-SA1/BPS_Localised : There are four BPS, one for each each region and for the standard or origin SA1 versions, with all their checksums corrected.

One last thing (I think nothing can be done otherwise you might have already handle it), I have noticed half a second of freeze on each MSU track change on the SA1 version. I have observed it on real hardware and the same thing occur with the previous merged patch.

Thank you for providing me the source of your new patches.

-- link removed to avoid confusion with patch at the top --

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Post Fri 31 Dec 2021 - 3:28 by Conn

Wow, this progress is awesome Smile
I am just too confused already with all the versions to merge pev's asm in one folder with your patches to add it to the first post, but we are close to finish it for good I think.

I'd think only a brief readme and the usual msu file is needed to finish it up and call it a day Wink

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Post Sun 2 Jan 2022 - 12:23 by pepillopev

@ToAll Gradius III updated to V3. The patches are no longer merged. Please reference the readme file for instructions relating to Vitor's SA-1 patches. The current track maps are unaffected.

@Relikk But, I mapped track-0 to the konami logo BTW. If it is missing, SPC fallback will kick in.

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