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ALttP Boss Rush Hack Empty ALttP Boss Rush Hack

You can find it here:

This is a simple hack where you are faced against every boss back to back. There are a few difficulty options, you simply have to walk in a door and your equipment is automatically set.

Still a few bugs, but hopefully their impact is very minimal (and hopefully I haven't missed any entirely)

Easy/medium have silver arrows but hard does not, so you'll need to do the speedrunner strategy to kill ganon on that version. It was tough to balance the difficulty, because this was designed mostly for speedrunners, but it seemed a little unfair if 2/3 difficulties required some obscure knowledge like this. Arrows do not restock though, so use them wisely!

I've packed my asm files into the archive as well for those who may benefit from that. While this is a small project, there are still a few pretty neat hacks. One is the auto-equip code, which detects room transitions then sets equipment (or any RAM/SRAM value) automatically. This could lead to some cool applications, like a unique type of challenge hack where it's important to give the player a very specific set of equipment for a specific challenge. There's also code to spawn a portal when a boss dies. This is sort of a proof of concept for my main hack where I intend to add a mechanic that creates a portal when a miniboss is killed, thus creating a shortcut for the players later (similar to Link's Awakening).

(Be aware that my code organization is... a little poor Razz)

I'm always worried last minute changes will have broken something, so let me know if anything seems to have broken Very Happy

Otherwise, good luck and enjoy!

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Since : 2015-07-07

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Post Wed 06 Dec 2017, 15:26 by Conn

That was fun Very Happy
I'd only have some suggestions, sometimes the palette is glitched, and the door with the key to open should have a fairy at least and a big jar of magic... the current stuff is too little.

But great idea in any case Wink

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Post Tue 29 Nov 2022, 14:54 by Billy_Joe

What emulator should I use to run it

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Post Sat 03 Dec 2022, 03:32 by sinistra

Billy_Joe wrote:What emulator should I use to run it

Have you tried: snes9x

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