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To assemble the hack, you'll need:

  -a copy of "Zelda no Densetsu - Kamigami no Triforce (J) (V1.0)"
  -an assembler like asar or xkas

Note: Download all files and use chaosmain.asm to patch your (J) rom!


This is an ALTTP hack inspired by Chaos Mario 64. The concept is simple: Every 40 seconds of non-lag, in-game time, the hack attempts to apply a random "cheat". It won't produce any duplicate cheats to run at the same time, and if it can't find any room, it will try again in 5 seconds.

This section explains the "cheats", which you may not want to know in advance.

Blue Rupees
Blue rupee floor tile collision becomes positive at all times. Blue rupee floors no longer give rupees.

Zappy Zap
Knockback and bonking electrocute Link.

No Spinning
Sword spins are disabled.

No Sword
The sword cannot be swung.

Invisible Link
Link is invisible.

Infinite Bonk
Touching a wall will act as if Link dash into it. Has short grace periods to prevent unplayability.

Health Drain
Slowly drains health.

Sprite Drops
All non-boss enemies that die will transform into a different sprite.

Eats up CPU cycles to produce lag.

Random Held Item
Constantly randomizes the selected Y-item.

You must be Christos Owen.

Stupid Z
Link ascends and wraps his height.

Get Busted
Link's graphics are messed with, transforming him into weird objects.

No Animation
Link has basically no animation. Some animations become shorter.

Freeze Death
Instead of dying immediately, sprites become frozen and heal up. They can be killed properly while frozen.

Mirror Randomly
When this cheat is set, Link will mirror immediately, regardless of where he is. There is a 1/4 chance that a 2nd mirror will happen.

Crazy Palettes
Every 16 frames, 8 colors in the current palette are randomized.

Invert D-pad
D-pad inputs are flipped, such that up is now down, and left is now right, and vice versa.

Dash Windup
Dashing takes longer to start.

Bubble Attack
Living sprites are turned into antifaeries with initial velocities aimed directly at Link. The next cheat is also applied sooner.

Bomb Drop
Short-fused bombs are dropped regularly from your supply. If you have no bombs, 1 is supplied for the placement.

Sign Guy
You get a friend for a short period. If you had a follower already, it will be restored when he leaves. Followers acquired during this period will not be remembered, as your friend doesn't care about them.

The screen will blackout regularly, just like Blackout Basement in Donkey Kong Country.

Every-so-often, your speed will be overwritten with a random value.

The screen will blur and sharpen in cycles.

BG Layer 3, which holds your HUD and menu, will bounce around randomly.

Random Halt
Link will randomly freeze, unable to do anything.

Random Magic
Your magic meter will constantly be set to a new, random value.

Ancilla Tornado
All ancillae will gravitate towards Link.

Dash Turn
While dashing or charging a dash, Link will randomly change direction.

Random noises will be played.

Super Bunny
You will be put in the super bunny state.

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Post Sat 9 Jan 2021 - 22:47 by VVV18

Hello, personal beauty?

Someone please,
tell me what is the CRC after applying the patch?
Before applying the patch: 3322EFFC ...
After applying the patch: FF24DBF1 ...
Is it right?
Thanks in advance!!!

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