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v5: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/stuff/Con/pw_patch.zip

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Aqua MIDI Remastered (by Aelieth):
YouTube Preview

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Post Thu 28 May 2020 - 16:38 by kurrono

I see problems with pilotwings..it's been awhile guys..keeping far from Covid-19...still here with..ya..still doin some hackings nes most likely and one super nes one Ballz3d

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Post Mon 20 Feb 2023 - 17:21 by NelloPed

kurrono wrote:I see problems with pilotwings..it's been awhile guys..keeping far from Covid-19...still here with..ya..still doin some hackings nes most likely and one super nes one Ballz3d

Heya, just a quick question if you're still interested in or still are working on this one?

I've started working on a PCM pack since Aqua MIDI finished their restorations of the soundtrack a few days ago and I noticed a few bugs while playing the v5 patch on the latest nightly of BSNES. There are a few moments scattered about when music seemingly at random fails to trigger (emulator issue?) and also at random music starts overlapping, specifically during the RETRY menu in the Flight Area selection and even after selecting an area it still overlaps until the level starts. If I encounter the issues again, I can attach some savestates.

I'll try to finish the pack this week.

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Post Fri 24 Feb 2023 - 4:53 by Conn

Another undead corpse craeling out his coffin Smile
I may look into it, however it's hard for me to retrace bug reports without a video. Can you post a video with those bugs, also with telling the time when a bug is encountered?

Edit: I looked into it, I have some horrible noise bugs on bsnes that didn't occur on snes9x. Also, when I stored the pw_msu1.xml as well as dsp1b.bin into the folder (both in the patch zip file -> bsnes_v73 sd2snes_0.1.7, those noises are gone.

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Post Thu 10 Aug 2023 - 12:08 by Aelieth

Picked this one as my second project, and taken over work doing the PCM's for Aqua MIDI and been talking directly with him.

Been running through the game and the patch, figuring things out and documenting. I have created a track list with the issues. Songs looping when not supposed to and other not looping when they need to be, and the bonus stage music needs pointed to a different PCM. See my track list. The wind sound is something I don't know can be done in the patch itself, it plays a varying sample. It's not a concern because it can be mixed as a subchannel during PCM creation.

I can work through all of these issues when I do the PCM and have everything setup, but I don't want to be extending out tracks to 5+ minutes if I don't need to.


Track 19 (bonus intro) is the only critical issue, which is when the words "Bonus Game" appear on the screen the first ~3.1 seconds. Then it progresses into the Bonus Game track itself which should be track 26 (which loops), not repeating track 19 (intro non-loop). Penguin bonus game does this correctly, but the other two do not.

The other issues are taken care of with padding that doesn't extend the tracks out too far then looping that silence.

Edit: Encountered the Retry bug with music overlapping and trying to reproduce it to video capture it, and now got it! The overlapping music is the game still playing original music, it is not two PCM's playing. It is using original game music when selecting "Retry" and continuing to play previous PCM music. This seems to occur in Lessons 2-8 and not in Lesson 1.

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Post Mon 14 Aug 2023 - 16:48 by Aelieth

Sallying forth and releasing the PCM set! Here's the complete PCM set done by myself with Aqua MIDI's Pilotwings Remastered tracks!

Pilotwings - Aqua MIDI Remastered by Aelieth

Tracks all normalized, looped properly, and most importantly - the wind sound has been added as subtracks to all of the PCM's that require it and normalized so that you can hear the wind, the music, and the in game sound effects without weird cut off loop sounds or one overshadowing the other (notice this in the skydiving track). That was the biggest difference between this and what I had done so far is that these do require two sounds simultaneously to play and go hand in hand with game sound.

This took what I learned from Star Fox and put that into this set. The post above also has the track list and some descriptions of what I did to make it work properly.

It still suffers from the bugs that I posted above, but that's out of the PCM hands at the moment. If things get fixed, I will absolutely come back and fix the PCM set and update this post.

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