Secret of Mana Script for converting the Remaster Soundtrack

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Secret of Mana Script for converting the Remaster Soundtrack

Post by emuandco on Sun 25 Mar 2018 - 10:44

Today I present ya a lil experiment I made while a was a bit bored.
You all know and maybe like the new Soundtrack from Secret of Mana Remaster available on Steam. If that's the case and you even own it legally, this one is for you.

What it does:
- Converts all needed sk20**.win.sab files to WAV as single looped and not fading out. (used tool: vgmstream)
- Allows you to select the two hidden alternate versions of "Danger" and "The Oracle" which I prefer over the default ones tbh.
- Normalizes the whole soundtrack with the recommended settings from Colines aka "-a -21dBFS" (used tool: normalize)
- Splits the intro sound to two separate files needed for the SNES ROM. (Track 44 and 45 aka "Mysterious Moaning" and "Angel's Fear") (used tool: SoX)
- Converts the WAV files to fully looped MSU-1 PCM files. (used tool: wav2msu) Nice funfact about the .win.sab file format: These files contain the perfect loop sample numbers in their header.
- Adds missing sounds for "Cannon Travel Launch" and "New Contient Rises") made by me. And because everyone seems to do so, added the unused Jingle tracks 33 and 35 too.

All tools included, just throw this stuff into your Secret of Mana root folder and wait a bit.

d/l: HERE

- Some sounds are simply too long to fit to some of the original cutscenes. Hard to fix this...
- You tell me^^

EDIT: If you downloaded before 17:45 GMT+1, please reload it.

Added silence trimming to track 7 "Close your Eyelids" (-1 sec at start) and track 43 "In the Darkness' Depths" (-4 sec at start) to make em at least fit better in the shorter sequences of the original game.

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