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Prince of Persia - Page 2 Empty Prince of Persia

-  Patch  -

Patch (by Conn):

-  PCM Packs  -

Sega Mega CD (by Relikk):

PC Engine CD (by Relikk):

Notes: There are more stages and tracks on the SNES version than there are on both CD versions. So both packs are, in a sense, hybrids. The Mega CD pack contains two tracks from the PCE CD version, and one SPC track from the original SNES soundtrack to fill in the gaps. The PCE CD version has it's own tracks but the SPC and the Mega CD tracks fill in for the missing tracks there. It's possible to rip the PSG soundtrack from the PC Engine CD version, but they are low quality and don't really fit, and considering that the Mega CD soundtrack upgraded those very same tunes, I decided against including them.

The video above shows the intro's and the first stage for each version.

This hack was a long process and required a lot of skill and patience on the coding side from Conn. The game required extensive testing and while there are a few minor bugs with themes that are still present, we are happy to release it as it is now. There shouldn't be anything game-breaking in there.

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Post Sat 27 Mar 2021 - 3:59 by Conn

most probably not Very Happy try another browser maybe.

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Post Sat 27 Mar 2021 - 11:09 by Conn

new version is up, patch size is 533 bytes.

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