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Needed / Notes

 Level I

 Castle Von Tedistein



- Lighter
- Dynamite
[Silver Harp

[notes: you start the game with:
hookshot, swimming and 3 hearts]

[notes: If you find the silver harp in the intro dungeon you can access the magic harp early before finding the triforce pieces, you simply need to find the other hidden silver harp in level VI]

 Level II


Ring 1]



  - Lift 2


-Heart Container

 Level III


Ring 2]

 Edo Wurlz

 Edo Statue

[Blue//Red Boomerang]

-Heart Container

 Level IV

The Rag

Ring 3]


Worms (x3) 

-Gold Lighter


 - Belt

-Heart Container

 Level V

Tomb of Anubis

Ring 4]


Armos (x6)

//300 rupees]

[Roc's Feather
//300 rupees]


-Heart Container

The 1st pond recipes:

silver scale > golden scale

any sword (spin1) > spin2
(unlocks apple of eden/spin3 in eden shop)
 Level VI

Mayan Crypt

Ring 5]



-Goblin Boots

-Fire mushroom

[Silver Harp

-Heart Container

[notes: if you found the silver harp in level 1, you unlock the magic harp early]

[needed: slingshot to get silver harp]

 Level VII

Garden of Eden

Ring 6]



[Roc's Feather
//300 rupees]

- Thor's Hammer


-Heart Container

The 2nd pond recipes:

slingshot > eden crossbow
dynamite > superbomb
pure dust > meth dust

-notes: if you go get a slingshot in one dungeon,
go grab the eden crossbow upgrade 
and later go grab the other slingshot chest,
you'll still get 300 rupees, 
so its impossible to downgrade :-)

 Level VIII

Temple of Apollo

Ring 7]

Roman Wurlz

 Dark Link

- The One Ring


-Heart Container

 Level IX


Ring 8]

 Roman Wurlz

Eye Boss

//300 rupees]


-Heart Container


Level X

Fortress Quatre

Ring 9]



His shell is now immune to the icerod only!

Boss now immune to icerod, all swords and bombs

 [Blue//Red Boomerang]

-Heart Container

[needed = firerod, icerod, golden scale, deku seed, goblin boots]

-Block entrance with iceblocks!
-Remove golden scale rooms!

Level XI




-Heart Container

[needed = finding all nine human rings]

 Level XII

 Heart of The TARDIS


Kriplespac2 (Agahnim2)


Level XIII - Triforce Shrine

1) Wisdom Path:

Red Boomerang, Deku Seed & Dash >>> Green Boomerang
Nothing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ring 1 + Triforce 1 + Earthquake

2) Courage Path:

Hookshot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Icerod
Hookshot & Roc's Feather >>>>>>>>>> Golden Rod
Golden Rod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Heart Container
The One Ring & Green Lightsaber >>>>>> Blue Lightsaber 
20 rings & Triforce Medal >>>>>>>>>>> Red Lightsaber
Nothing >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ring 2 + Triforce 2

3) Power Path:

Firerod & Dash >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lifebelt
Lifebelt >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Fiery Blaze
Firerod & Icerod >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ring 3 + Triforce 3

Level XIV - Dev's Hideout

5 dev keys >>>>>> Message about the five different possible endings
5 dev keys >>>>>> Kriplespac Superboss >>> Get one of the rings.

-Lighter/Golden Lighter
-Fire Mushroom
-Slingshot/Eden crossbow
-Blue Boomerang/Red Boomerang/Green Boomerang
-Koka Kola/Fairy Dust/Pure Dust (add bat inside indian hut)/Meth Dust
-Ice Bolt
-Fiery Blaze
-Ether <---remove text function, also rename and change gfx in chest/menu
-Thor's Hammer
-Silver Harp/Magic Harp
-Triforce Medal
-Deku Seed
-Golden Rod
-The One Ring
-Roc's Feather
-Apple of Eden (Spin3)
-Frying Pan and Belt
-Belt slot (bottles)
-Duff Beer
-Baseball bat
-Green lightsaber (shoot sword beams)
-Blue lightsaber (freeze enemies)
-Red lightsaber (set enemies on fire)
-Red/Green Tunics
-Tail1(Redfox)/Tail2(Filthy Squirrel Tail) /Tail3 (Golden Squirrel Tail)
-Silver Scale/Golden Scale(chuck)
-Dusty Pikachu Tail (pearl)
-Triforce pieces (x3)
-Humans Rings of Courage (x9)
-Elven Rings of Wisdom (x3)
-Dwarf Rings of Power (x7)


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