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Title Screen Problems Empty Title Screen Problems

Post by scawful Fri 16 Aug 2013 - 17:26

Ok so I'm pretty sure you guys all know what I'm talking about because I saw in a thread in the parallel universes section about the title screen in the original hardware and the tiles correctly.

Basically I had forgotten about this when I began title screen editing and now in snes9x it shows some tiles a little graphically messy. Is there anyway to reset the title screen to the original shape or remove the added tiles? If not I may just have to spend a lot of time moving those tiles somewhere where they can't be seen I guess. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Title Screen Problems Empty Re: Title Screen Problems

Post by Puzzledude Fri 16 Aug 2013 - 18:24

Uf, the title screen. Just the name brings back bad (bugged) memories. I needed 1 month to finalize that on GoT, and I had a very clean and already debugged (screens wise) rom.
Main problem: if you start of from Alttp, you will have heavy bugs on Naming screen, and eventually the title screen (fixable in hex only). But... HM is changing the position of the screens (out of space... again). Luckily in GoT Euclid helped SePH by moving all the screens to the end of the rom (HM tries to do that too, but fails). I then made a hex analysis, and copied out the hex string. If bugged I could just copy it back (knowing the new fixed location).
But once I started editing the title screen and saving, it would always corrupt something else. So I edited it in a separate rom, traverse it in hex (and never touched it again).
Irony: all players watch the title screen for average of 8 seconds. I've decided to take it out completely in GoW for obvious reasons (rom was just to unclean on that regard).
You can remove the glitched parts, but any adopt to the title screen is problematic in general. The only way to fix it is in hex. I don't know how Euclid moved it to the end of the rom in GoT, but this really needs to be done for all screens (specially naming screen). Then this is analized in hex and can be debugged quick (all this work just to have it as it is on original Alttp). Then comes the editing part.

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Title Screen Problems Empty Re: Title Screen Problems

Post by Puzzledude Thu 22 Aug 2013 - 15:40

I've just decoded the Title screen (and all other 10 screens!). Very Happy I've always wanted to analyze this. So here it is:

(all addresses are for the Alttp US rom with No-header, the file needs to be saved at least ones with HM! with no actual changes made= HM will make the Initial adopt of the rom).

POINTERS are at 137D (with the block 19) to 1395. This must be the same for all Z3 games/hacks, since this is the primary code and can not be moved. These are special "partial" pointers with 7 values of the first part of SNES address, 2 bytes irrelevant, followed by 7x second value, 2 bytes irrelevant, followed by 7x third value.

Looks like this for Alttp:
79 1B BF D4 6E 85 9C 10 10 E1 02 E7 E5 E7 E6 DA 00 00 0C 00 0C 0C 0C 0C 0E

Taking 1st byte (79), +6+2 is E1, +6+2 is 0C.
0CE179 is 066179 for the title screen.

Skipping the 1B 02 00, there's also naming screen, player select, copy screen, erase screen and map screen pointers. These can changed and the data moved. While small screens (load list, load screen, erase list, copy list, destination list have no pointers and have a fixed start of the code).

DATA (ALTTP) in order (in hex):
-65D6D to 66178
(all small screens) start location fixed (they can however have more space to the end). So the end of code can go over 66178.

-66179 to 66D79 (all main screens!).

-tite screen is from 66179 (block is 45B) to 665D3.

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