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Post by NitroHedgehog Sun 4 Sep 2022 - 23:25

Hi, it's me again,

I'm having trouble inserting ''Triforce of the Gods'' into the title screen. After 4 hours of trials and errors, I discovered that both ''THE LEGEND OF'' and ''A LINK TO THE PAST'' in YY-CHR must stay INTACT while editing the title screen, since the two share similar tiles. I wanted it to have its original Japanese name like this (I don't care about the BG)

Title Screen Editing Titles10

...There WAS an IPS link on YouTube for something like that, but both the MEGA link AND the YouTube video were DMCA'ed by Nintendo, so it is no longer available to download. Crying or Very sad

I only want to edit the title screen... and nothing else. The tools I use are Hyrule Magic/SuperZ, ZCompress and YY-CHR. Anyone has an idea on how to do that?


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