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Help with Mega Man X3 MSU1 Empty Help with Mega Man X3 MSU1

Post by RepRevo Mon 2 Dec 2019 - 22:15

I am intending to make my own music edit for Mega Man X3. I have already viewed qwertymodo's updated tutorial and don't know what to do. Not a single program changing .wav files to pcm has worked for me. I have tried to compile and execute their respective .c files using Visual Studio, but it is unable to open msupcm++ because it was either developed on a different version of Windows or a different version of a program like Visual Studio. The other application I have attempted to use is the original version of msupcm, which when clicked on no matter the circumstance, opens a blank window a split second before disappearing. Furthermore, I can't test the default MSU-1 patch on SNES9x (I saw a forum post documenting the compatibility of it with the enhancement, and would be integrated into v1.55, and I am using v1.60). What are some options to continue my hack?


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Help with Mega Man X3 MSU1 Empty Re: Help with Mega Man X3 MSU1

Post by Retroplay Tue 3 Dec 2019 - 11:00

Compiled wav2msu binary:


These are commandline tools, so you'll have to open a command prompt (cmd), not just click on the exe.

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