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How To Change Map Icons Empty How To Change Map Icons

Post by PowerPanda Thu 5 Dec 2019 - 18:39

In Hyrule Magic, under the World Maps section, if you select the "Move" Icon and then right-click, you can add up to 7 icons per game state. This means that when you open your world map, you'll have an icon that shows up telling you where to go. However, to my knowledge it is not possible to edit what icon actually shows up from within Hyrule Magic. To do that, you'll need to use a hex editor.

Starting at address 0x53EE0 (on a headerless rom), there is a 126-byte (hex $7E byte) table that defines which icons show up. The first 18 bytes (hex $12 bytes) are for icon #1, with 2 bytes per map. So the hex is:

00 00 00 00 00 00 38 60 34 62 32 66 34 64 34 64 32 66

This means icon 1 will be the following on each map:
00. Opening: 00 00 (An X)
01. Sahasrahla in Kakariko: 00 00 (An X)
02. Sahasrahla at Eastern Palace: 00 00 (An X)
03. Pendants: 38 60 (Pendant 1)
04. To Master's Sword: 34 62 (A Sword)
05. To Hyrule Castle: 32 66 (A Skull)
06. First Crystal: 34 64 (A Crystal)
07. All Crystals: 34 64 (A Crystal)
08. To Tower of Ganon: 32 66 (A Skull)

The same pattern is repeated for all 7 icons, giving you $12 bytes per icon. Here are a few notes:
*Icons 2-4 are only used in 2 game states: [03 Pendants] and [07 All Crystals]
*Icons 5-7 are only used in [07 All Crystals]
*For some reason, crystals 2 and 7 are swapped. So icon 2 will show the 7th crystal, and icon 7 will show the 2nd.
*Icons will unfortunately not function correctly if placed in other game states. So if you place more crystal icons in the [06 First Crystal] game state, they will not disappear from the map when you complete the dungeons.
*The default icon [00 00] is an X, and will not respond to actions that you take.

The full list of graphics that are used in the game is as follows:
00 00 - An X
38 60 - Pendant 1
32 60 - Pendant 2
34 60 - Pendant 3
34 62 - Sword
32 66 - Skull
34 64 - Crystal

I tried playing around with adding in other things, like[31 60],[33 60],[35 60] and ended up with part of a keese in different colors. I don't know if there are any other icons that are programmed to show up. I'd love to get the Moon Pearl to show up on the map.

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How To Change Map Icons Empty Re: How To Change Map Icons

Post by Floki Mon 16 Dec 2019 - 23:20

Again really useful stuff, I'll re-enable my world map in my hack remake and play with those values to make more interesting things happen. Always wondered how to change those icons, its one of those things MoN didnt document in his disassembly!



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How To Change Map Icons Empty Re: How To Change Map Icons

Post by Devan2002 Mon 30 Dec 2019 - 13:14

The first byte on each graphic is the palette it uses, the second is the graphic it uses.

So when you look at the pendants listed in the OP, their second byte are all at a value of 60. If you changed the 34 to a 32 in the crystal, it would make that crystal use a red palette (useful if you want to indicate which crystals set the flag for the big bomb like in rando).

Also, you are actually able to edit the map icon by typing numbers while it's selected. Just know the first 2 numbers correspond to its palette while the latter 2 correspond to the graphics it shows. Though typing in the numbers will delete the first number and add the number you type at the end (shifting the 3 existing numbers left).

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