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Post by Zumi Wed 7 Jul 2021 - 6:18

So, despite all my work so far, I've never actually hacked an SNES game (esp. in ASM) prior to this and most of my experience lies in Game Boy assembly. SGB bootstrapping happens to be easier to set up since it can be loaded into an arbitrary CPU address. Hopefully this can change that, though I will need a bit of help here and there ^^;

I'll put up a YouTube preview and MEGA folder once I feel it's ready enough Smile

Known Bugs
  • Crashes on demo play (MSU1 enabled/disabled)
  • Crashes on selecting BGM "off"
  • Crashes on VS. match begin
  • Crashes on puzzle mode

(yeah, need to work on the "bgm off" case)

Source tree: https://github.com/ZoomTen/yoshis-cookie-msu1
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yoshis_cookie_msu1.bps.zip 2021-07-07 Preview patchYou don't have permission to download attachments.(1 Kb) Downloaded 3 times

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Yoshi's Cookie [Super Game Boy]  Empty Re: Yoshi's Cookie [Super Game Boy]

Post by JUD6MENT Wed 7 Jul 2021 - 8:45

Great start Zumi!

Track Map (not completed yet)

I played a little around with it and found some tracks and filled them in. It is not a full track map list yet though.

I played through the whole Action game mode and it works fantastic.

I played the VS. game mode and you can go into the setting for the match. You can listen to the 3 music choices there, but once you try to start a vs. match the game crashes. It also crashes if you try to turn off music, but you seem to know that one.

Trying to play puzzle mode at all made the game crash.

Ok, I think this is a good start and we got some tracks mapped out already. I will start making some PCM sets in my free time.

Thanks a ton Zumi! My family and I absolutely love this game and we have a family reunion coming up in a couple weeks. We always play 3 games each family reunion we meet: Wario Woods for nes, Yoshi Cookie for snes, and Zelda: Four Swords for gamecube. I am excited to show them the msu-1 of Yoshi Cookie.

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