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Post by Conn Tue 17 Sep 2013 - 17:45

Finally finished *yay. Great work also with the bottle gfx. I'd suggest bringing this item also late in the game since the defesive action (gliding through enemies), could make, together with the goldstar and boomerang the game quite easy. However, also the hookshot makes you invincible. What this hack makes difficult to cheat with anyways is that you actually slide quite far but can't steer the distance. But you glide only half the way as the hookshot can bring you (which doesn't make this item obsolete).
But, as in every Zelda game; at late stages you hardly die anyways.
I'll post it now together with the srm modifier.

If you want you can update your complete menu as well, Puzz Wink

Thanks a lot Moegami... thinking that I initially only wanted to help SePH out with his mushroom and palette issues, it really got somewhat immense :p
But I also really take a break and help in your progress when it comes to bug-fix and small things like the credits with Wiiq's code. For now I'm done with new projects ^^

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