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Information: The bug-catching net will be turned into an adaptation of the Roc's Feather (Link's Awakening).
Rom: Multiple versions (read enclosed instructions).

Roc's feather All-in11
Jumping Feather in use

Roc's feather All-in13
Catching a fairy with empty bottle

Roc's feather Legend10
Old outdated gliding feather

Patch File:
v9: now has the gigaleak buutsu jump animation which looks a lot better than the old gliding + you now can jump diagonally and control link in mid-air!

Additional info: You can jump over pits and over enemies without getting hurt. The distance you glide is more or less the bomb jump so you don't need that stunt anymore.
Instead of the net you will catch fairies and bees with the empty bottles (like in Ocarina of Time).
The empty bottle can also stun (weaker enemies:hurt) when used on them.

Inside the zip, there are some bins with which you need to replace the native gfx (net in menu and out of chest with feather (8 and 16 bit), net in action with bottle gfx).

Euclid's Menu (recommended):
Needs an ALTTP (US) rom without header, shovel in 24 items menu hack preapplied:

Works also with native ALTTP if you change 2 ram addresses: at 0x3ffab: 20 50 7f to 4f f3 7e and at 0d/b508: 20 50 7f to 4f f3 7e. You fly with the net and catch things with selecting an empty bottle.

Optional: fly faster and thus farther
You can fly faster (increase distance) with:
0xdb7fa: 18 (e.g, give it 1c to fly farther, original value was 10)
0x388db: 12. (E.g., give it 16 to fly diagonally farther, original value was 0a)
The values are already adjusted to match the old gliding feather

Optional: Penalty time:
When using there must be a penalty time, since otherwise you can jump through virtually the complete game never having to face an enemy. You freeze for a little while after using, so enemies can catch up. You can adjust this time:
0x3fd2c 30 ->xx (00: no freeze)

Note: Zip file contains now also a no_bombjump.ips by Euclid that disables getting hurt by bombs. So you now definitively need the feather to get over pits!

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Post Thu 19 Nov 2020 - 16:20 by Conn

I officially announce the update to the better jumping feather by gigaleak, it has the following advantage over the old gliding version:
- more stable code (original Nintendo)
- Jump animation looks way better than gliding
- you can navigate while floating through the air
- you can fly diagonally.

I announce it first now here since I waited for bug report. There weren't any, so I consider the new patch safe Very Happy

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