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There is a curious version difference in the US version of A Link to the Past. In the JP and EU versions, you can press a button any time after the "Nintendo Presents" screen and go to the file select screen. In the US version, you must watch the animation of the spinning triforce and the sword each time you start the game. The "Title Skip" patch removes this version difference.

To change this, navigate to hex address x64120. You will find the following code:
A5 11     ;LDA $11  (check RAM bit 11)
C9 08     ;CMP #$08 (If it is less than $08...)
90 0D     ;BCC x64133 (Then branch ahead $0D bytes)

This checks which screen you are on, and won't accept button inputs until you are at screen $08 or above.

In the JP and EU versions, the "CMP #$08" is actually "CMP #$04", which means that they will accept input anytime after the "Nintendo Presents" screen. So, in your US Rom, if you change byte x64123 from "08" to "04", your game will also accept inputs earlier.

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