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  • 20190418
     Global announcement:
    After the previous discussion, I'm happy to announce that we now have a Patreon page!

    This is still a pretty new thing, so we're definitely open to feedback and suggestions for things like supporter perks.  This has been an amazingly supportive community, and I'm looking forward to keeping it going for years to come.

    by qwertymodo - Comments: 17 - Views: 72296
  • 20220407
    Bigger SRAM, for not compressing it's data.
    With twice the SRAM, data compression is not needed anymore. So Mario Paint saves and load instantly (the small ammount of lag after save/load is intentional).


    by gizaha - Comments: 0 - Views: 1253
  • 20220106
    How to change the number of filled hearts at the start of the game
    When you load up your save file, you will start with roughly half of your hearts. This is actually controlled by a table of sorts, which can easily be edited.

    First off, there are 2 sections of the code that reference this table. They are at hex address x4F53E and x73CC3, and they are both identical.

    AF 6C F3 7E     ;LDA $7E/F36C (Load "a" with the player's Max Health)
    4A                   ;LSR (Divide it by 2)
    4A                   ;LSR (Divide it by 2 again)
    4A                ...

    by PowerPanda - Comments: 0 - Views: 1074
  • 20220106
    A tutorial on how to skip the title screen animation
    There is a curious version difference in the US version of A Link to the Past. In the JP and EU versions, you can press a button any time after the "Nintendo Presents" screen and go to the file select screen. In the US version, you must watch the animation of the spinning triforce and the sword each time you start the game. The "Title Skip" patch removes this version difference.

    To change this, navigate to hex address x64120. You will find the following code:
    A5 11     ;LDA $11  (check RAM bit 11)
    C9 08     ;CMP #$08...

    by PowerPanda - Comments: 0 - Views: 607
  • 20210625
    A tutorial on how to add a custom background for your title screen using more than the original gfx allow for
    Here is a tutorial on how to add a custom background for your title screen using more than the original gfx allow for.

    Here is a link to the tutorial:
    Here is a video of the title screen I made for my hack using this same method:

    Here is the ASM just in case for any reason the...

    by Jared_Brian_ - Comments: 2 - Views: 2205
  • 20201231
    This code is adapted from Euclid. It refills your magic by 1 point (max: $80) every 256 cycles ~ 4 seconds (roughly).


    org $808056
    JSL freespace

    org $A2F4D0 ;some free space in All-in

    ;optionally require book mudora for auto-refill. remove the semicolons if you like this restriction.
    ;LDA $7ef34e
    ;BEQ end

    LDA $1A
    CMP #$7F
    BNE end
    LDA $7EF36E
    CMP #$80
    BEQ end
    INC A
    STA $7EF36E

    by Conn - Comments: 17 - Views: 2269
  • 20210113
    Author: Kazuto

    Note, this patch is not compatible with some other hacks, like e.g., 24 item menu by euclid (would need to be adjusted), all-in (L/R buttons are mapped for Super Bomb and other new items). Also be careful if you mix this patch with other patches you find on this site, since the free-space used may overlap.

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1818
  • 20131011
    Author: Euclid
    This assembly is a guide only - you need to cater it for your own hack in terms of the movement combinations/exit areas. The meat of the code is all the increment/decrement of ram addresses in the different cases where the same area needs to be loaded.

    PW uses a similar but little bit more inefficient version of this - so don't be surprised if the code doesn't match PW exactly.

    .zram counter ; stores the combination # the player is up to.
    .equ/= areaup=area-7
    .equ/= areadown=area+7
    .equ/= arealeft=area-1

    by Euclid - Comments: 4 - Views: 2673
  • 20150405
    Author: Conn

    Information: The game will Switch to part 02 after your uncle left the house skipping the whole introduction sequence when you rescue Zelda.

    Please note that we speak about Byte terminology (not HM terminology) - this means
    - part 00: telepathic message, uncle leaving house
    - part 01: uncle gave sword, able to save
    - part 02: after Hyrule Castle, now searching Pendants
    - part 03: after Aghanim, now searching crystals

    Rom: Any ALTTP (US), without Header


    by Founder - Comments: 6 - Views: 3785
  • 20150802
    This code lets you increase the speed in case you have a special item (in this code the moonpearl but you can of course change that.
    Find the table where you can edit the new speed values at the end of the asm


    ; increase speed if moon pearl
    ; find the adjustable table at the end of this code
    ; db (0) $18: - Horizontal and vertical walking speed (Default = 18)
    ; db (1) $10 - Diagonal walking speed (Default = 10)
    ; db (2) $0a - Stairs walking speed (Default...

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 2957
  • 20150802
    This code prevents bushes from being liftable before you have the gloves (but are still cut-able with the sword). This way you can block parts in the beginning part of your hack:


    org $07d42d
    JSL $A0A240       

    org $A0A240       
    CPY #$02    ; check if bush
    BNE end    ; if not proceed to end
    LDA $1B    ; check if indoors
    BNE end    ; if not zero, then we are indoors -> proceed to end

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1960
  • 20150514


    ; asm to make silver arrows double fast
    ; alttp expanded, no Header
    ; if it is too fast add/substract a smaller value from each
    ; 30 respectively d0


    org $0990D3
    JSL $20AEA0

    org $20AEA0
    LDA $9088,y
    STA $0C22,x    ; native code
    LDA $0202      ; bow equipped?
    cmp #$01
    beq $01
    LDA $7ef340 
    cmp #$04      ; silver bow and arrows?

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1836
  • 20140319
    This is for making small key blocks like they appear in Link's Awakening.

    I will overwrite the prison door for that (like that one where zelda is behind).

    You only need to change the prison door graphic to a key block.

    The patch is "in place" so it doesn't overwrite other data or patches you added.

    The blocks can be opened from up- or downside only, left and right will not work (will try to fix this in the future).

    ;Link's Awakening style key blocks
    ;WRITTEN: by XaserLE
    ;THANKS TO:...

    by XaserLE - Comments: 17 - Views: 2543
  • 20150326
    ;This is a "bugfix". In case there are in-room staircases, the game sometimes does strange things to the room counter.
    ;It is possible, that you have in-room staircases and ledges in a room. When using the staircase, all is fine, but when
    ;falling down the ledge, the games adds 16 (0x10) to your room counter. This will lead to serious bugs when going
    ;through a door since in this case the wrong neighbour room is loaded.
    ;WRITTEN: by XaserLE
    ;THANKS TO: -MathOnNapkins' Zelda Doc's
    ; -wiiqwertyuiop...

    by XaserLE - Comments: 0 - Views: 2059
  • 20140525
    SePH found out that the latest Version of HM can edit dungeon maps. So no need anymore to renounce on these. However, there's a small bug in HM; Caves are saved with FE (but FF is needed to disable the dungeon map call in caves).

    So here's a small asm to disable dungeon maps call in caves also after saving a cave in HM:



    org $0288ff   ; hook
    jmp $22ee00

    org $22ee00 ; new check
    lda $040c
    cmp #$FE  ; check FE cave
    bne $04

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 2049
  • 20130924
    Author: XaserLE
    I wrote a little patch that is good for testing. When pressing the "L"-button you will gain a maximum inventory (all items, the highest possible) and 50 bombs, 50 arrows, some rupees (not much cause cpu is in 8 bit mode when calling the hack, but this can be changed if wanted by someone), all hearts, 1/4 magic and so on. It is commented so you can easily modify it.

    ;this is for getting maximum possible items (rom hacker's cheat for testing) when pressing L button, i use bank 0x3C for the whole code
    ;WRITTEN: by XaserLE

    by XaserLE - Comments: 11 - Views: 2307
  • 20140318
    Authors: Euclid, MoN and Conn
    Information: This asm lets you modify the conditions and items you start with when beginning a game.
    Rom: Any ALTTP (US), without Header

    Zeldix - ASM Image244

    Example - start in Sanctuary without any item

    Code address: 06/7FB1

    Additional info: This asm lets you modify the conditions and...

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 2850
  • 20130219
    Here's a list of mini-hacks for PW you may or may not be even aware of. I also have the ganon hack but the notes are too much of a mess to post here.

    Note for all assembly addresses, open up lunar address select lorom and put it on the left

    No sword beam unless lvl 4 sword:

    $07/9C8A C9 02       CMP #$02
    change to
    $07/9C8A C9 02       CMP #$04

    4th sword = master sword to pull out

    hex changes

    by Euclid - Comments: 3 - Views: 2425

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