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Game Crash Room Empty Game Crash Room

Post by Tompala Sat 12 Oct 2013 - 3:34

In one room on the game's map, the games dungeons/caves map, the game will crash.
Located in the upperright corner, we from the speedrunning community made it the "skull room":
In the GBA version, it will cause a completely different effect, which you can see in this movie at about 3:40:

What's so special about this room? Why the crash and the other strange effect?

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Game Crash Room Empty Re: Game Crash Room

Post by Puzzledude Sat 12 Oct 2013 - 7:50

This is room 45. It is a header-clone of room 46. Room 46 has a header command: Defeat all enemies in NE (north-east) for chest.
The room 45 is empty, so the enemies are automatically defeated, so a command to make the chest is auto-executed.
But there is no chest object in the room. In such cases the game doesn't know, what to do. It should go to NOP, but it is not that smart. It crashes instead.
It will always crash in any room, if the command "make a chest" is in effect, but there is no chest object in the room. Of course this is for the SNES version, GBA version reacts differently.

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