Upgrading Items

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Upgrading Items

Post by Erockbrox on Sat 12 Oct 2013 - 21:57

Okay so as far as I know, we can only replace items completely or upgrade them.

So I was thinking...

What else can we upgrade?

Here are some ideas:


Level 0 - Can't even walk in shallow water

Level 1 - Can walk in shallow water only. Can not walk or swim in deep water.

Level 2 - Can swim in deep water


Level 1 - Regular walking boots. Can't cross grass in them.

Level 2 - Mud Boots. Allows you to walk in grass areas.

Level 3 - Dash Boots.

Level 4 - AST Dash Boots.

It could even go like this: Link it is too dangerous to walk in tall grass unprotected since many poisonous snakes hide in the tall grass. You will need Mud Boots to cross grass areas!


Could is be possible to just play actual notes with the flute like in Zelda 64? Like pressing the A, B, X, Y, L, R buttons actually produce music notes that you can play a song with.


So far the hammer will smash pots, moles and pegs, but what if we had different levels of things to be smashed with the hammer just like with the gloves?

Level 1 - Hammer smashes pots, moles, pegs.

Level 2 - Hammer smashes the light small rock or can smash like a metal peg. Metal peg is stronger than wooden peg so it needs a stronger hammer. Also level 2 hammer deals more damage to enemies maybe or increase the radius of the damage that the hammer does. Like when Link hits the hammer on the ground all of the tiles surrounding the original tile that was hit will be hit. Increase the radius from just 1 tile to 9 tiles. People will then use it more as a weapon because it will then be easier to hit enemies with.

Bow and Arrow

Level 1 - Sling shot like in Zelda 64 child mode. Sling shot shoots small rocks.

Level 2 - Sling shot gets upgraded to arrows!!!

Lantern/Fire rod

Why not combine the two of these together so that it makes room for another possibly more useful item?

Level 1 - Lantern

Level 2 - Fire rod


level 0 - Fist

Level 1 - Deku stick! (it would be just like the fist, but only a brown stick)

Level 2 - First sword from Uncle

Level 3 - Master Sword

Level 4 - Red sword from blacksmiths

Level 5 - Gold Sword from fat fat fairy

I personally think it would be cool to have many different swords to choose from that you could swap at any given time. Say you had an Ice Sword and a Fire Sword and you could change between them whenever you wanted. Ice Sword would turn enemies into ice and Fire Sword would set the enemies on FIRE!!!!

Cane of Somaria

Level 1 - Can only use it to make blocks and destroy them.

Level 2 - Now you can use it to make platforms to ride on as well as making blocks too!

Also a few other ideas...

Make Pegswitches ride on conveyer belts.

Make a new pegswitch that can turn a conveyer belt ON or OFF. Great for puzzles! Hit the pegswitch once and the conveyer belt turn on hit it again for it to stop.

Well that's all I can think of for now.

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Conn on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 9:32

I really like your ideas but you know the asm for all this is difficult. You need tiles in menu (where we run out of place), for chest, in use, you also need to code what happens when use. Coding was awful when you remember all the bugs in the feather and morning star (getting also tired of it ^^ already added... 5? new items).

As for
Flippers and boots: I think we have enough restrictions already how to keep the player away from areas.

Sling shot: cool idea, but why an upgrade? Make the first wooden bow to sling shot and the silver bow to a bow.

Lantern / fire rod probably is the best idea, you'll get a free space in menu if you like to add another item.

Sword: you saw the punch hack which is as good as the deku stick but doesn't require additional tiles.

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Puzzledude on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 10:20

Regarding the sword. The fist has already been implemented, so the deku sword would be similar to it. Why not rather improve the Gold sword, which I've done a while back:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
The Firesword will burn enemies in one hit with the spin attack (like Firerod) and make a Gold sword damage with normal attack. Similar with the Ice sword (makes Icerod damage). You also have a Super Sword, which I made: hold the sword and let the enemy hit it (stabbing) = Ice sword, spin attack = Fire sword, normal attack = Gold sword damage.


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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Conn on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 10:51

That's a pretty cool hack ;)you should give the addresses at single hacks (think no ips is necessary since the changes are so small).
Btw: the table you hacked is the same as my recent L0-knock hack reads from

Damage sword strike is normal strike
Spin attack is charging and releasing
Stabbing is charging and stab with charged sword into enemy without release

03/6d33: 01 02 03 04 (damage sword strike by level: L1 L2 L3 L4)
03/6d37: 02 03 04 05 (damage spin attack by level: L1 L2 L3 L4)
03/6d3b: 01 01 02 03 (damage by stabbing by level: L1 L2 L3 L4)

Damage code:
00: boomerang freeze
01: normal sword
02: Master Sword
03: Tempered Sword
04: Golden Sword
05: Golden Sword Spin
0b: fire rod
0c: ice rod
My favourite is to burn enemies with L3/L4 with spin and ice enemies with L4 only; it would therefore be:
03/6d39: 04 05 -> 0b 0b (fire through spin L3 L4)
03/d6de: 03 -> 0c (ice by stabbing L4)

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by SePH on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 15:27

Oh yeah! Totally forgot about the fire and ice sword by Puzzledude, I'll probably just use your own selection Conn (I'm lazy I know and don't want to argue tonight Razz)

I'm with Conn here, I think we have enough items to restrict the player in the game but the torch/firerod combo is a really good idea (then again we need a new item to fit in the location)...


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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Conn on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 16:18

*lol, great ^^ would love to see that implemented in PU - you can help yourself with the addresses I gave I guess.

Let me think... the lantern is only used to light dark screen ingamed. So this could be completely renounced on, and map this to the fire rod as L2 lantern.
So yeah, if anybody will hack something like a feather/iron boots whatever, this is the place to use!

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Erockbrox on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 16:46

Let me think about this Lantern/Fire rod combo.

So when you are in a completely dark room your lantern shines a small light in front of you.

When you use the lantern a small flame appears and you can light a torch.

When you use the Fire rod the rod's graphics appear and the flame comes out.

So which one would you use as a base to build the other one on top of it.

I guessing it would be easier to use the lantern as a base and build the level 2 lantern (Fire rod) on top of it.

All you would have to do is change the small flame into the fire rod function, because if you used the Fire rod as a base then you would have to program that small light into it when the room is completely dark. Unless the lantern light is already build into game and is not something that is done by the lantern alone.

Also remember that you can't even enter some parts of the game without the lantern because you need that small light that it makes. Well you can't push the mantle to get to the sewer to get to the church without the lantern.

But yeah, these two items are pretty much the same and it makes sense to combine them into one that is upgradable. This would clear up another space for another item and I'm sure later on in Zelda 3 hacking there will be other new items that people would have to have in that empty space.

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Conn on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 17:51

this is doable - you'd need to set the lantern on 7EF345-02 (01 is firerod). Then you need to hook the pointer to execute lantern animation in case it is 02 (did that a few times for shovel/morning star/force-boomerang, etc.).
Of course you also need to set the menu tiles on the firerod, change text and so forth.

There are only few addresses when the lantern is read, these must be mapped to 7ef345 instead of 7EF34A then.

Then you need a new item and create everything... it depends upon the item you want to create, if it is just an upgrade it is easy (but then you won't need the new free menu space). If it is something totally new like the feather you need to write the asm.

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Conn on Sun 13 Oct 2013 - 21:48

Seph, I was just reconsidering having this damage mapped on the spin attack for 3 reasons: (1) not all monsters can be burned or iced, at least no bosses, making spin useless (2) it will spoil the goldpotion and make this almost useless (advantage is that you can charge and hit several times quickly on the same monster - if it is already burnt or iced there's no point (3) you will have to renounce on highest 05 damage with golden sword...

I'd rather tend to leave
03/6d39: 04 05
native due to these reasons.

Stabbing however is in any case possible and cool and does not have these side effects. Though I would love to have both icing and burning in one sword, this isn't possible I think (could try with having another button pressed as well, but... - maybe you have ideas).

I'd therefore make in any case:
03/6d3d: 02 03 -> 0c 0b
(ice by stabbing L3, burn by stabbing L4)
Burning is stronger than icing since it kills instantly - further it would fit with your laser saber :p

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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by SePH on Mon 14 Oct 2013 - 14:09

I won't be using dark rooms in PU.. so you can implement the lighter/fire mushroom to use the same slot if you want.

The reason for this is that I'm using the FAA object to create other dungeon objects! That object is the overlay of the lamp. You can either edit it to something like the very first post in the thread we are in OR you can use those FOUR different sides to create other objects! If I have to choose between using dark rooms or have four big sheets to create objects in dungeons, I'll choose the later one hands down. And beside the lamp isn't even used in all Zelda games so it's useless as it can be in PU! And don't we all agree that dark rooms were used to death in PW and we received much criticism because of that! So I don't even feel bad for not using dark rooms!

I've changed the torchlight into lighter for that reason but as a trade off, will also make the lighter infinitely useable (won't use magic/battery anymore) <---which makes sense in comparision to real life lol

Alright I've changed back the 04, 05 and and the other into 0c, 0b (although your 03/d6dd address is the wrong one Wink)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

That's funny you mention changing this now since I've already added my lightsabers yesterday Wink

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

0- You'll first start the game unarmed.
1- After that you'll then find a baseball bat or frying pan.
2- Then at long last you'll get your first lightersaber! The green one!
3- Next up, you'll get the blue one, which will now also freeze enemies!
4- And I've kept the dark side of the force last, the red one it is! BURN enemies BURN! Feel the wrath of a sith lord Razz

So it's really an amazing coincidence you mention switching the freeze-burn function of your previous post now!!

Regarding my ending still using the mastersword, I might either change it or keep it as a memento in memory of what this game once were Wink


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Re: Upgrading Items

Post by Conn on Mon 14 Oct 2013 - 16:09

Hej that's pretty cool!!!!!
(changed also the address to the correct one

As for another item introduction... I really don't feel for it - but we at least could :p

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