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Brand new items hack Empty Brand new items hack

Information: This hack lets you gain many brand-new items! Along with 4 digit rupees and monologue skip (L-button)
Rom: Expanded (min 1.5 MB) ALTTP (US), without header

Brand new items hack Image228

Zip File:

Three versions (native menu, 24items menu, Parallel Worlds Version (Goldstar only))

Additional info:
New Itmes: Golden Star (L2 hookshot), Force Boomerang (L3 Boomerang), Worn-out Glove (L1 glove), Super Lamp (L2 Lamp), Nimbus (new), Lucky Shield (L4 shield), Fairy Flippers (L2 flippers), Turbo Spin (extra sword Feature L1), Hurricane Spin (extra sword Feature L2), L2 Magic meter upgrade, Superbomb (extra bomb Feature).
Additional Features Slingshot replaces L1 bow, 4 digit rupees, monologues can be skipped pressing the L-Button, the L1 flute will reveal secret platforms in dungeons, The L2 flute which has the bird enabled will have a different color and monologue (if you get it out of a chest).
Also this code turns your rom into fastrom (initial code by wiiqwertyuiop) to prevent slowdowns

Description of new items
- an upgraded hookshot (golden star with L3 sword strength, place second hookshot in a chest)
- an upgraded magic boomerang (force boomerang with L2 sword strength, place simply only one magic boomerang in a chest if you use the small fairy. The small fairiy either updates your Normal Boomerang to Magic Boomerang OR the magic boomerang to Force Boomerang. So you need to get one Magic Boomerang out of a chest. If you upgraded to Magic Boomerang at the Fairy before, this will get your Force Boomerang, if not it is the Magic Boomerang which can be upgraded by the Fairy to Force Boomerang. If you don't use the small fairy, you need two magic boomerangs in 2 chests, the second will be the Force
- also implemented also the worn-out glove from AST that lets you lift only one rock per screen (place second power glove in a chest, the first is the worn-out, the second the real power glove)
- the second lamp you collect is a super lamp that burns enemies until it is replaced by the firerod.
- a nimbus to summon good bees (you get it by default from first firerod chest, if you want to exchange the order to get it from the second firerod chest, apply the optional exchange_nimbus_firerod.ips from the subfolder).
-  a L4 shield that lets you walk through spike blocks and have guaranteed item drops from defeated enemies (place second mirror shield in a chest).
- small fairy 1: upgrades Zora Flippers to Fairy Flippers that let you walk on the ground.
- small fairy 2: upgrades your L1,L2,L3 or L4 sword to charge faster (turbo spin), similar to AST. In contrast to AST it is permanently and you get a marker in the non-selective items in the menu.
- the witch will have as upgrade the gold potion in her sortiment that upgrades the turbo to the hurricane spin (does require small fairy turbo spin upgrade in advance). Press and hold the B Button during the first spin to spin multiple times while moving. It will drain magic.
- fat fairy 1: throw in the powder pouch and you will upgrade the magic meter power drop a second time after the bat (now it only takes 1/4 of the magic).
- fat fairy 2: throw normal bombs into pond to get the superbomb, enable with R-Button
- The flute will make invisible platforms visible in dungeons similar to lightening a torch (or using ether). But this costs magic!

- The first bow is replaced by slingshot and pebbles
- gives you 4 digits rupees so you can collect up to 9999.
- skip monologues by pressing the L-button

(Not merged: feather, shovel (random treasure dig up), boot direction change, etc... download from the item adjustment section.)

Use this ASM to make further walls that can only be bombed with a superbomb!


; This asm is for making more walls superbomb-able only
; WRITTEN: by Conn
; THANKS TO: -MathOnNapkins' Zelda Doc's

; You can only make screens normal-bombable / superbombable
; this asm can add screens where super-bombs are required to open the wall
; make a normal bombable wall (item 86-bombable) and adjust the screen whether a superbomb is required
; the asm contains 3 screens (two are disabled by ";" semicolons, if you need more
; simply copy/paste the cmp #$screen/bne/jmp routine for as many screens as you need  


ORG $1bc90d      ; go to the code that handles hammer-destroyable objects
JMP $b790        ; insert a jump to unused space

org $1bb790      ; go to unused space
cmp #$005b      ; check screen1 - pyramid of power (screen 005b)
bne $03          ; if it is run superbomb check; else check screen 2
jmp $c912        

;cmp #$0037      ; check screen2 - remove semicolons and give another screen
;bne $03          ; if it is run superbomb check; else check screen 3
;jmp $c912        

;cmp #$005b      ; check screen3 - remove semicolons and give another screen
;bne $03          ; if it is run superbomb check; else jump to normal bomb routine
;jmp $c912      

jmp $c91e        ; normal bomb routine.

Last edited by Conn on Thu 17 Sep 2020 - 4:32; edited 45 times in total

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Since : 2013-06-30

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Post Fri 6 Dec 2019 - 16:52 by PowerPanda

I would love to include the portion of this hack that has your magic meter upgraded to 1/4 when you throw the magic powder in the dark world great fairy pond. The documentation doing this though is... shall we say incomplete? Does anyone have just that portion of the code broken out? I'm using the 24-Item HUD with no marker for the magic meter, so I just need the code that checks to see if you through the magic powder, and if you did, plays a monologue (I'm re-using the silver arrows one, since Silver Arrows are a chest item), changes 7e/f37b to $02, and returns the magic powder to you.

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Post Fri 6 Dec 2019 - 19:06 by Conn

That's unfortunately too long ago, I don't remember anything and haven't a documentation. I guess you need to trace that code yourself or use the complete patch. You can disable most items by simply not giving them.

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Post Fri 6 Dec 2019 - 23:12 by PowerPanda

Conn wrote:That's unfortunately too long ago, I don't remember anything and haven't a documentation. I guess you need to trace that code yourself or use the complete patch. You can disable most items by simply not giving them.

There's a patch in there that only does the 4 digit rupees and the 1/4 magic upgrade, but it doesn't have the graphics associated with it, and I can't make heads or tails of where to insert the new graphics. I don't recognize the program in the screenshot. If you remember enough to help with that, I can figure out the rest.

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Post Sat 7 Dec 2019 - 5:22 by Conn

But it has it. instructions_4digits_24menu.docx describes how to insert the graphics. I can't help you more than I described it that time ago.
You need zcompress to insert those tiles.

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