Making things more useful in Zelda 3

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Making things more useful in Zelda 3

Post by Erockbrox on Sat 26 Oct 2013 - 2:31

I don't really know if this is a request, but I'm guess I'm requesting everyone ideas and opinions on this subject.

Here are some things that I feel are not very useful in the original Zelda 3 game and I'd like to hear everyone's ideas on how to make them more useful.

1. Shops

Many times in shops you find really useless stuff. You might find a red potion, a bee, a bomb, a heart and so on. These items a pretty much useless because either you don't need them or can get them elsewhere for free. Lets be honest here, the witches hut is pretty much the number one place you go in this game. Most of the other shops simply don't offer anything worthwhile.

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2. Fortune Teller Shop

This in my opinion is pretty much wasting a house that you could otherwise explore in. Sure, their advice might be useful, but normally you can pretty much figure out most things in the game without them. I would rather explore a house or replace this character with just an average village folk who told me a story just by talking to him/her.

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3. Big Fairy (health)

As much as I like looking at her because if she existed in real life I'm sure she would be hot, however when I blow up some crack in the wall and think I'm about to find some super treasure and end up getting her instead I end up disappointed. I would say put her in one place in light world and in one place in the dark world and that's it. Plus I rarely even use her once I get bottles with red and blue potions in them.

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4. Bully (enemy)

Well this is actually more of a request than anything. Can someone make it possible to actually kill this enemy? I HATE the fact that I cannot kill it! It's so annoying that I want to put it so sleep. DIE!!!

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5. Deluxe Magic Mirror

I don't know if anyone has talked about this before but, why not be able to go from light world to dark world and dark world to light world with one press of the magic mirror? Normally you can only get to the dark world by special places (warp zones), but why be so restrictive? Why not be able to go to the dark world from ANY location from the light world with the mirror?

6. Compass and Map

I think many hacks are already done this, getting rid of the compass or map to make room for better things like extra big keys. I think the standard map should just be an automatic thing when you enter a dungeon if you want to even have a map.

7. Chicken Swarm

I'm just curious about this. When you hit a chicken many many times and then all of the chickens come to kill you, is that a sprite or what?

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Re: Making things more useful in Zelda 3

Post by Puzzledude on Sat 26 Oct 2013 - 5:39

4. This sprite is by default not taking damage, but I guess this can be changed with Asm.

5. This is already possible.
From my vital hex addresses document:

Mirror warping (found by Euclid and SePH)

address (no header) 3A951
address (with heder) 3AB51

original values must be (search for this sequence of bytes)
29 40 D0 07 (mirror working in dark world only)

9F 9F 9F 9F (mirror NOT working in light and dark world)
Warping from light to dark world and from dark to light world is only
possible by placing warps. Warp placed in light world takes you to dark world.
Warp in dark world takes you to light world.

This is optimal, because the possibility of bugs is low and dark world can be
completely different from the light world, not just a copy.

EA 4C 5C A9 (mirror working in both worlds = not optimal)
this way you can warp from light to dark and from dark to light world using mirror.

In all cases: in the dungeon, mirror warps to the beginning of the dungeon.

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Re: Making things more useful in Zelda 3

Post by Conn on Sat 26 Oct 2013 - 8:44

as for chicken swarm, try
7E0DAd-35; but you need to be in kakariko close to a chicken.

Of course it is a sprite, the chicken sprite is loaded multiple times and a code run to attack you.

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Re: Making things more useful in Zelda 3

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