Warp away palace guards with Book Mudora

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Warp away palace guards with Book Mudora Empty Warp away palace guards with Book Mudora

Information: You will warp away the golden blocking guards using the book Mudora.
Rom: Expanded alttp rom (min 1.5 MB)

Warp away palace guards with Book Mudora Fade2010

Ips Patch: http://bszelda.zeldalegends.net/stuff/Con/bm_warp.zip

Additional info: Other things like reading cryptic messages and opening the desert palace isn't affected, though the cryptic messages shouldn't be in the same screen to avoid bugs.

There is a palette change of Link when using this (couldn't get rid of it but you can see it as effect of using this feature) :B

So together with the dust girl that can be turned into a fairy using the Magic Powder you now have two possibilities to block somehing via a sprite and an item.

If you want another sprite warped:

11640A: 3F -> new sprite
1164B8: 3F -> new sprite

Change 3F (palace guard) into the sprite you want to be warped away, list by MoN:


$0E20[0x10] - (Sprite)
    The type of the sprite. The following is a list of all the sprite types
    available. For sprite overlords, see $0B00[0x08]
    0x00 = Raven
    0x01 = Vulture
    0x02 = Flying Stalfos Head
    0x03 = Unused (Don't use it, the sprite's ASM pointer is invalid. It will certainly crash the game.)
    0x04 = Good Switch being pulled
    0x05 = Some other sort of switch being pulled, but from above?
    0x06 = Bad Switch
    0x07 = switch again (facing up)
    0x08 = Octorock
    0x09 = Giant Moldorm (boss)
    0x0A = Four Shooter Octorock
    0x0B = Chicken / Chicken Transformed into Lady
    0x0C = Octorock
    0x0D = Normal Buzzblob / Morphed Buzzblob (tra la la... look for Sahashrala)
    0x0E = Plants with big mouths
    0x0F = Octoballoon (The thing that explodes into 10 others)
    0x10 = Octobaby (Baby Octorocks from the Otobaloon)
    0x11 = Hinox (Bomb-chucking one-eyed giant)
    0x12 = Moblin
    0x13 = Helmasaur (small variety)
    0x14 = Thieves' Town (AKA Gargoyle's Domain) Grate
    0x15 = Bubble (AKA Fire Faerie)
    0x16 = Sahashrala / Aginah, sage of the desert
    0x17 = Rupee Crab under bush / rock
    0x18 = Moldorm
    0x19 = Poe
    0x1A = Dwarf, Mallet, and the shrapnel from it hitting
    0x1B = Arrow shot by solder / stuck in wall? Spear thrown by Moblin?
    0x1C = Moveable Statue
    0x1D = Weathervane
    0x1E = Crystal Switch
    0x1F = Sick Kid with Bug Catching Net
    0x20 = Sluggula
    0x21 = Push Switch (like in Swamp Palace)
    0x22 = Darkworld Snakebasket
    0x23 = Red Onoff
    0x24 = Blue Onoff
    0x25 = Tree you can talk to?
    0x26 = Hardhat Beetle (Charging Octopus looking thing)
    0x27 = Dead Rock (Some might see them as Gorons, but bleh)
    0x28 = Shrub Guy who talks about Triforce / Other storytellers
    0x29 = Blind Hideout Guy / Thief Hideout Guy / Flute Boy's Father
    0x2A = Sweeping Lady
    0x2B = Bum under the bridge + smoke and other effects like the fire
    0x2C = Lumberjack Bros.
    0x2D = Telepathic stones? Looks like a prototype for a telepathic interface using sprites instead of tiles. However, this one only says one thing.
    0x2E = Flute Boy and his musical notes
    0x2F = Maze Game Lady
    0x30 = Maze Game Guy
    0x31 = Fortune Teller / Dwarf swordsmith
    0x32 = Quarreling brothers
    0x33 = Pull For Rupees
    0x34 = Young Snitch Lady
    0x35 = Innkeeper
    0x36 = Witch
    0x37 = Waterfall
    0x38 = Arrow Target (e.g. Statue with big eye in Dark Palace)
    0x39 = Middle Aged Guy in the desert
    0x3A = Magic Powder Bat /The Lightning Bolt the bat hurls at you.
    0x3B = Dash Item / such as Book of Mudora, keys
    0x3C = Kid in village near the trough
    0x3D = Older Snitch Lady (Signs?) (Chicken lady also showed up)
    0x3E = Rock Rupee Crabs
    0x3F = Tutorial Soldiers from beginning of game
    0x40 = Hyrule Castle Barrier to Agahnim's Tower
    0x41 = Soldier
    0x42 = Blue Soldier
    0x43 = Red Spear Soldier
    0x44 = Crazy Blue Killer Soldiers
    0x45 = Crazy Red Spear Soldiers (And green ones in the village)
    0x46 = Blue Archer Soldiers
    0x47 = Green Archer Soldiers (in the bushes)
    0x48 = Red Javelin Trooper
    0x49 = Red Javelin Soldiers (in the bushes)
    0x4A = Red Bomb Soldiers
    0x4B = Recruit (Weak Green Soldier) (Note: Name was invented for lack of an official name)
    0x4C = Sand Monsters
    0x4D = Flailing Bunnies on the ground
    0x4E = Snakebasket
    0x4F = Blobs?
    0x50 = Metal Balls (in Eastern Palace)
    0x51 = Armos
    0x52 = Zora King
    0x53 = Armos Knight
    0x54 = Lanmolas boss
    0x55 = Zora / Fireballs (including the blue Agahnim fireballs)
    0x56 = Walking Zora
    0x57 = Desert Palace Barriers
    0x58 = Crab
    0x59 = Lost Woods Bird
    0x5A = Lost Woods Squirrel
    0x5B = Spark (clockwise on convex)
    0x5C = Spark (counterclockwise on convex)
    0x5D = Roller (vertical moving)
    0x5E = Roller (vertical moving)
    0x5F = Roller (???)
    0x60 = Roller (horizontal moving)
    0x61 = Statue Sentry
    0x62 = Master Sword plus pendants and beams of light
    0x63 = Sand Lion Pit
    0x64 = Sand Lion
    0x65 = Shooting Gallery guy
    0x66 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x67 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x68 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x69 = Moving cannon ball shooters
    0x6A = Ball N' Chain Trooper
    0x6B = Cannon Ball Shooting Soldier (unused in original = WTF?)
    0x6C = Warp Vortex created by Magic Mirror
    0x6D = Rat / Bazu
    0x6E = Rope / Skullrope (aka Sukarurope?)
    0x6F = Bats / Also one eyed bats
    0x70 = Splitting Fireballs from Helmasaur King
    0x71 = Leever
    0x72 = Activator for the ponds (where you throw in items)
    0x73 = Link's Uncle / Sage / Barrier that opens in the sanctuary
    0x74 = Red Hat Boy who runs from you
    0x75 = Bottle Vendor
    0x76 = Princess Zelda
    0x77 = Also Fire Faeries (seems like a different variety)
    0x78 = Elder's Wife (Sahasrahlah's Wife, supposedly)
    0x79 = Good bee / normal bee
    0x7A = Agahnim
    0x7B = Agahnim energy blasts (not the duds)
    0x7C = Green Stalfos
    0x7D = 32*32 Pixel Yellow Spike Traps
    0x7E = Swinging Fireball Chains
    0x7F = Swinging Fireball Chains
    0x80 = Wandering Fireball Chains
    0x81 = Waterhoppers
    0x82 = Swirling Fire Faeries (Eastern Palace)
    0x83 = Greene Eyegore
    0x84 = Red Eyegore
    0x85 = Yellow Stalfos (drops to the ground, dislodges head)
    0x86 = Kodondo
    0x87 = Flames
    0x88 = Mothula
    0x89 = Mothula's beam
    0x8A = Moving Spike Block (Key holes? <-- why would I think this had anything to do with keys?)
    0x8B = Gibdo
    0x8C = Arghuss
    0x8D = Arghuss spawn
    0x8E = Chair Turtles you kill with hammers
    0x8F = Blobs / Crazy Blobs via Magic powder or Quake Medallion
    0x90 = Grabber things?
    0x91 = Stalfos Knight
    0x92 = Helmasaur King
    0x93 = Bungie / Red Orb? (according to HM)
    0x94 = Pirogusu (aka Swimmer) / Flying Tiles
    0x95 = Eye laser
    0x96 = Eye laser
    0x97 = Eye laser
    0x98 = Eye laser
    0x99 = Pengator
    0x9A = Kyameron
    0x9B = Wizzrobes
    0x9C = Black sperm looking things
    0x9D = Black sperm looking things
    0x9E = Ostrich seen with Flute Boy
    0x9F = Rabbit seen with Flute Boy
    0xA0 = Birds seen with Flute Boy
    0xA1 = Freezor
    0xA2 = Kholdstare
    0xA3 = Another part of Kholdstare
    0xA4 = Ice balls from above
    0xA5 = Blue Zazak / Fire Phlegm (Fireballs of Red Zazaks and other sprites)
    0xA6 = Red Zazak
    0xA7 = Red Stalfos Skeleton
    0xA8 = Bomber Flying Creatures from Darkworld
    0xA9 = Bomber Flying Creatures from Darkworld
    0xAA = Like Like (O_o yikes)
    0xAB = Maiden (as in, the maidens in the crystals after you beat a boss)
    0xAC = Apples
    0xAD = Old Man on the Mountain
    0xAE = Down Pipe
    0xAF = Up Pipe
    0xB0 = Right Pipe
    0xB1 = Left Pipe
    0xB2 = Good bee again? (Perhaps the good bee is different after being released.... It would make sense, actually)
    0xB3 = Hylian Inscription (near Desert Palace). Also near Master Sword
    0xB4 = Thief's chest (not the one that follows you, the one that you grab from the DW smithy house)
    0xB5 = Bomb Salesman (elephant looking guy)
    0xB6 = Kiki the monkey?
    0xB7 = Maiden that ends up following you in Thieves Town
    0xB8 = Monologue Testing Sprite (Debug Artifact)
    0xB9 = Feuding Friends on Death Mountain
    0xBA = Whirlpool
    0xBB = Salesman / chestgame guy / 300 rupee giver guy / Chest game thief
    0xBC = Drunk in the inn
    0xBD = Vitreous (the large eyeball)
    0xBE = Vitreous' smaller eyeballs
    0xBF = Aghanim / Vitreous' lightning blast
    0xC0 = Monster in Lake of Ill Omen / Quake Medallion
    0xC1 = Agahnim teleporting Zelda to dark world
    0xC2 = Boulders / Rocks from Lanmolas erupting from the ground
    0xC3 = Gibo (vulnerable part)
    0xC4 = Thief
    0xC5 = Evil Fireball Spitters (THE FACES!!!)
    0xC6 = Four Way Fireball Spitters (spit when you use your sword)
    0xC7 = Hokbok (HM calls it Fuzzy Stack, I think?)
    0xC8 = Big Healing Faeries / Faerie Dust
    0xC9 = Ganon's Firebat (HM also says Tektite?)
    0xCA = Chain Chomp
    0xCB = Trinexx
    0xCC = Another Part of Trinexx
    0xCD = Another Part of Trinexx (again)
    0xCE = Blind the Thief
    0xCF = Swamola (swamp worms from Swamp of Evil)
    0xD0 = Lynel (centaur like creature)
    0xD1 = Rabbit Beam aka Transform aka Yellow Hunter
    0xD2 = Flopping fish
    0xD3 = Animated Skulls Creatures
    0xD4 = Landmines
    0xD5 = Digging Game Proprietor
    0xD6 = Ganon! OMG
    0xD7 = Copy of Ganon, except invincible?
    0xD8 = Heart refill
    0xD9 = Green Rupee
    0xDA = Blue Rupee
    0xDB = Red Rupee
    0xDC = Bomb Refill (1)
    0xDD = Bomb Refill (4)
    0xDE = Bomb Refill (8)
    0xDF = Small Magic Refill
    0xE0 = Full Magic Refill
    0xE1 = Arrow Refill (5)
    0xE2 = Arrow Refill (10)
    0xE3 = Faerie
    0xE4 = Key
    0xE5 = Big Key
    0xE6 = Shield Pickup (Fighter or Red Shield after being dropped by a Pikit)
    0xE7 = Mushroom
    0xE8 = Fake Master Sword
    0xE9 = Magic Shop dude / His items, including the magic powder
    0xEA = Full Heart Container
    0xEB = Quarter Heart Container
    0xEC = Bushes
    0xED = Cane of Somaria Platform
    0xEE = Movable Mantle (in Hyrule Castle)
    0xEF = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used)
    0xF0 = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used)
    0xF1 = Cane of Somaria Platform (same as 0xED but this index is not used)
    0xF2 = Medallion Tablet

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