Adjust the timer for torches

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Adjust the timer for torches Empty Adjust the timer for torches

At 0xF3F6 in hex (default value = C0), is the default timer for all the torches in your game, except in Ganon's room.

At 0xF3FC in hex (default value = 80), is the torches timer for Ganon's room.

Additional RAM info:
$04F0-$04FF Timers for torches. Starts at #FF and counts down to 0. Setting it before the torch is lit is a bad idea. It will not cause a torch to light, nor will it brighten the room. Note that this range probably indicates we can have up to 16 torches in an area.

MoN's Source:
; *$F3EC-$F495 LONG
       ; it's not a torch tile
       LDA $0333 : AND.b #$F0 : CMP.b #$C0 : BNE Dungeon_LightTorchFail
       ; normally set timer to 0xC0
       LDA.b #$C0
       LDY $A0 : BNE .notGanonRoom
       ; In Ganon's room the torches don't stay lit as long
       ; (I always thought so...)
       LDA.b #$80

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