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Single Codes collection

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  • 20190418
     Global announcement:
    After the previous discussion, I'm happy to announce that we now have a Patreon page!

    This is still a pretty new thing, so we're definitely open to feedback and suggestions for things like supporter perks.  This has been an amazingly supportive community, and I'm looking forward to keeping it going for years to come.

    by qwertymodo - Comments: 17 - Views: 72407
  • 20191206
    This is a useful set of hex addresses to know. By changing these pairs of bytes, you can change what items the Great Fairies upgrade. If you're testing out a hack, this is especially useful for being able to load in a fully completed save and then downgrade your items (for example, going from a red tunic to a blue tunic).

    Original Bytes:

    ==Waterfall of Wishing (Near Zora's Domain)==

    GIVE: 03/48D3: 0C (Boomerang)
    GET:   03/48D7: 2A (Red Boomerang)

    GIVE: 03/48E3: 04 (Shield 1)
    GET:   03/48E7: 05 (Shield 2)

    GIVE: 03/48F3: 16 (Empty Bottle)

    by PowerPanda - Comments: 2 - Views: 3643
  • 20191124
    $47532 is the location for the sound that plays when the game over text appears.

    The values only go from 00-3F before looping.

    The original value is 26 (hex)

    Conker's High Rule Tail has this set to 33.

    by Devan2002 - Comments: 0 - Views: 991
  • 20190717
    In case you want Link to do escape entirely swordless but want to give him a sword later on via uncle.
    At $02DF65, replace that byte and the next 5 values to EA (NOP). This will prevent Uncle from setting a checkpoint which triggers the Escape sequence (which also re-enables the rain).
    Single Codes collection Screen13
    Single Codes collection Screen14

    by Devan2002 - Comments: 0 - Views: 1413
  • 20170201
    oh Nintendo, you troll
    Solved the bunny palette problem.

    When you construct a custom main sprite (ie Link), you will surely encounter a massive palette bug, when you draw the dark world equivalent (ie bunny) of the sprite, like seen here:
    Single Codes collection 110

    after pressing X for map, and returning:
    Single Codes collection 210

    And this is why:
    1.) DD308, = green tunic pals for main sprite, 2 bytes for one colour, 1E bytes in hex

    2.) at DD329, = same, but...

    by Puzzledude - Comments: 6 - Views: 4988
  • 20161001


    AUTHORS: Puzzledude, Conn, Superskuj, Euclid, SePH, wiiwertyuiop, qwertymodo, etc


    4F413 IS ACTUALLY 04F413 IS $04F413 OR $04/F413

    NOTE: ALL...

    by Puzzledude - Comments: 0 - Views: 4049
  • 20160808
    If your hack, like Parallel Worlds, does not force a dungeon order, and could potentially allow getting the red tunic upgrade before the blue, and you'd like to stop the player from skipping an upgrade, you can achieve this by placing blue tunics in both chests (assuming both armors are retrieved from chests, if you want to give them to the player in another manner, this may not work), and then setting the blue tunic alt treasure to red tunic.  Then, no matter which one the player collects first, they will always get the blue tunic first, then red.


    by qwertymodo - Comments: 0 - Views: 1711
  • 20160407
    Possible fix for the magic boomerang turning into rupees
    Edit: superskuj provided a proper fix, so I'm replacing my original with his.  Ignore my dirty hack below, this one works.  This version makes the red boomerang chest always give the red boomerang.

    PC 0x03B552: 0x46 -> 0xFF // Red boomerang alt treasure: none

    Alternate version.  This version puts the blue boomerang in that chest instead, but makes the red boomerang the alternate treasure for the blue boomerang.  This way, if you miss the blue boomerang, you don't get the red one.  Also, if you somehow...

    by qwertymodo - Comments: 14 - Views: 4877
  • 20160730
    Puzzledude wrote:Here is the Hex "decode" of the pushable blocks hookshot fix by Conn if anyone is interested in fastly implementing this with the Hex editor into any Rom:

    49CEB, new pointer
    22 A0 F1 A2

    49D76, new pointer
    22 A0 F1 A2

    1171A0, new code
    A8 C9 1F F0 04 9D 4A 0C 6B AD FD 05 F0 01 6B AD FC 05 F0 01 6B 98 9D 4A 0C 6B

    Conn wrote:Ok, made a asm out of that code, and updated all-in as well as

    by Floki - Comments: 0 - Views: 1683
  • 20160715
    When you receive the Power glove and the Golden glove (Titan's Mitt), Link's hands turn either grey or gold. This is convenient for Alttp, but if you are using the custom Main Sprite, the grey and the gold colours will affect some other colour, which might be used for any part of the sprite, thus defecting it.

    This fix will disable the additinal grey and gold colour to affect the main sprite (mandatory if your hack uses a custom main sprite):

    PC (HEX) address on non-headered rom
    0DEE24: change the default F0 to 80 (branch always).
    (Address and new...

    by Puzzledude - Comments: 0 - Views: 1652
  • 20140319
    (1) take basis address pc: 06/B359
    (2) check in Hyrule Magic the sprite number you want to change; Blue soldier is 41
    Single Codes collection Image210
    (3) add this in HEX! to 06/B359:
    (4) at pc 06/b39a you find the 19 which is blue for blue soldier. Change the palette according to the palette key below to your wishes (e.g., 19 is blue palette, 17 is red, 1b is green.

    by Conn - Comments: 10 - Views: 3956
  • 20160129
    Address found by assassin17

    pc 06/D683: 01

    Damage code:
    00: boomerang freeze
    01: normal sword, byrna, bee
    02: Master Sword
    03: Tempered Sword
    04: Golden Sword
    05: Golden Sword Spin
    06: Arrow
    07: Hookshot freeze
    08: Bomb
    09: Silver arrow
    0A: magic powder
    0B: Fire rod
    0C: Ice rod
    0D: Bombos medaillon
    0E: Ether medaillon
    0F: Quake medaillon

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1702
  • 20151120
    ; *$158B3-$15B6D LOCAL
            ; Routine initializes dungeons
            PHB : PHK : PLB
            ; Link is officially in a dungeon now.
            LDA.b #$01 : STA $1B
            ; Did Link just die and he's being respawned in this dungeon?
            LDA $010A : BEQ .notDeathReload
            STZ $010A

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1689
  • 20151107
        ; $75E29-$75E48 DATA
            ; corresponding warp types that lead to special overworld areas
            dw $0105, $01E4, $00AD, $00B9
            ; Lost woods, Hyrule Castle Bridge, Entrance to Zora falls, and in Zora Falls...
            ; (I think the last one is broken or a mistake)
            dw $0000, $002D, $000F, $0081

    by Founder - Comments: 1 - Views: 1546
  • 20151107
    ; ==============================================================================

        ; $75D61-$75D66
            dw $0826
            dw $05A0
            dw $081A

        ; *$75D67-$75DFB LONG
            LDA $8A : CMP.w #$0007

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1569
  • 20151106
    At 0xF3F6 in hex (default value = C0), is the default timer for all the torches in your game, except in Ganon's room.

    At 0xF3FC in hex (default value = 80), is the torches timer for Ganon's...

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1663
  • 20151011
    I was toying with Oracle of secret demo today and here's something nifty which i'm not sure if someone already found it.

    You know that "startup" time which you prepare to run? you can lengthen or shorten the time via the following rom address.

    $07/B29A or 0x3B29A in a unheadered rom.

    1D is the default value - 01 is the minimum value which link starts running immediately. (80 is the highest value you can go)

    by Euclid - Comments: 0 - Views: 1647
  • 20150924
    Address if the file has no header:
    04/F526 or 4F526: change from B0 to 80.
    (Address and new value found by Conn).

    There is a severe bug in original Alttp if you go into the dark world early (doesn't happen in original game though).

    Native Alttp:
    1.) If you are in the phase of collecting pendants and go into the dark world and get defeated Outside, the game will spawn you in the Light world. (Not really a bug).

    2.) If you are in the phase of collecting pendants and go into the dark world and get defeated Indoors, you will start back...

    by Puzzledude - Comments: 0 - Views: 1574
  • 20140319
    The game has four rooms where rocklops are turned into mimics by default; you can change the rooms they appear in by editing the following hex addresses:

    $0F/4704: 0c (room 12)
    $0F:4708: 1b (room 27)
    $0F:470C: 4b (room 75)
    $0F:4710: 6b (room 107)

    by Founder - Comments: 2 - Views: 1811
  • 20150609
    You can change the area to which holes will hurt the player!
    currently it only allows you to choose one area.

    396DB, you should see a 05 - Change to another area hex number

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1683
  • 20150513
    Author: MathOnNapkins
    ; $DB800-$DB85F DATA
    pool Overworld_Hole:


    ; $DB800 - map16 coordinates for holes
    dw $0CE0, $124E, $12CE, $1162, $11E2, $073C, $07BC, $0CE0
    dw $003C, $00BE, $003E, $0388, $0170, $03A4, $0424, $0518
    dw $028A, $020A, $0108


    ; $DB826 - area numbers for holes
    dw $0040, $0040, $0040, $0040, $0040, $0040, $0040, $0000
    dw $005B, $005B, $005B, $0015, $001B, $0022, $0022, $0002, $0018, $0018, $0014


    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1437
  • 20150513
    Author: MathOnNapkins
    ; *$FFD9-$FFFC LONG
    ; Take a heart off of Link and put him in the submodule
    ; that brings him back to where he fell off from.
    ; (Damage from pits on Overworld and only in one area, at that)
    ; Maybe could be used in Dungeons too, but it's not, so... eh.

    LDA.b #$0C : STA $4B

    LDA.b #$2A

    LDX $1B : BEQ .outdoors

    LDA.b #$14


    STA $11

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1541
  • 20150512
    Found it in MoN's source ;P

       ; *$74AB8-$74ADE LOCAL
            ; Renders a single character (non recursive)
            REP #$10
            LDX $1CD9
            ; Is it a space (as in, " ")
            LDA $7F1200, X : CMP.b #$59 : BEQ .blankCharacter
            ; no, so make some noise bitch

    by Founder - Comments: 1 - Views: 1582
  • 20150427
    Well, it's easy enough to change the quantity of tiles that come up.

    $4BA1C: C9 16 F0 06

    change this to

    $4BA1C: C9 XX B0 06

    Where XX is between 0 and 0x16, and represents the number of tiles it forces to spawn out of the floor. This will cause the FlyingTileFactory overlord to self terminate earlier than in a vanilla rom.

    Code for reference:

        ; *$4B9E8-$4BA29 JUMP LOCATION

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1619
  • 20150412
    These codes specify the location Aghanim 1 sends you to
    codes for first transport:
    light world?
    pc 00/7983: 40 -> 00 ; must be 00 to tell the game you want to get into light world. If you want to be sent into dark world, leave this 40

    pc 01/5E2E: 5b -> xx ;your desired screen number (native 5b is pyramids)

    pc 00/793c: 20 -> xx ;your desired exit number in that Screen (native exit 0020 is the exit on top of pyramid)

    Aghanim 2 is a bit more complicated. I hacked this too but with ganon bat it is way more complicated. Ask SePH in case you like to go down that...

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1508
  • 20150407
    if you directly want to get into crystal mode skipping pendants
    Change at
    02/ede0: 02 -> 03 and the priest, after bringing Zelda into the church sends you directly into part 03 - the Pendants part is skipped and you start collecting crystals.

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1561
  • 20140425
    Here's something I've requested yesterday that should be helpful to everyone that is using the BG2 on top tag in there dungeons!

    SePH wrote:In my dungeons I've often used the ''BG2 on top'' feature. The biggest problem I'm having with this is that most of the time, as you move between rooms, the overlay on top disapears.

    Here's an exemple:

    by Founder - Comments: 2 - Views: 2019
  • 20140319
    Author: Puzzledude
    Hex changes:

    At 03/6d33, 01 02 03 04 (damage sword strike by level: L1 L2 L3 L4)
    At 03/6d37, 02 03 04 05 (damage spin attack by level: L1 L2 L3 L4)
    At 03/6d3b, 01 01 02 03 (damage by stabbing by level: L1 L2 L3 L4)

    Damage code:
    00: boomerang freeze
    01: normal sword, byrna, bee
    02: Master Sword
    03: Tempered Sword
    04: Golden Sword
    05: Golden Sword Spin
    06: Arrow
    07: Hookshot freeze
    08: Bomb
    09: Silver arrow
    0A: magic powder
    0B: Fire rod
    0C: Ice rod
    0D: Bombos medaillon

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1700
  • 20140319
    Hex changes:
    At 04/87CA, change D0 into 80

    Disable wind blowing sfx:
    At 04/45D4, change 09 into 00

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1736
  • 20140319
    Replacement of items handed over by characters
    Note: stuff that appear as a collectable sprite is tricky to change (e.g., the thrown items - earth medaillon, flippers, or the digable flute. To get an idea, refer to the doc in  

    Magic mirror by old man:
    0f/6a00:1a -> desired item (hex 1a is chest item dec 26 in HM)
    e.g., moon pearl is hex 1f (dec...

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 1964
  • 20131015
    These hex changes let you get a message (respectively the correct message) when storing the L4 sword or silver arrows into a chest and disable the fairy Pond upgrade.

    Hex changes:

    Silver Arrows:
    At 04/4353, change FF FF into 91 00  

    L4 Sword:
    At 04/42e3, change 52 00 into 93 00 (Native Boomerang message still untouched at 04/42f5 (52))

    Disable fairy upgrade

    Silver Arrows:
    At 03/4909, change D0 into 80

    L4 Sword:
    At 03/4920, change D0 into 80

    by Conn - Comments: 0 - Views: 2193
  • 20131005
    Hex changes:

    04/18DD, change F0 33 a5 00 85 into F0 02 64 5e 60

    by Euclid - Comments: 0 - Views: 1600
  • 20130921
    Take an unheadered ROM of Zelda 3 (aka LTTP)

    Change $39 and $3A to 0xEAs *Original values are 80 16*.

    This NOPs out a Branch Always instruction. That's it. Now load up your game in an emulator.

    Press the L button to freeze the game. Music will continue running as will animations like water and flowers, but sprites and Link will be frozen on the screen.

    To advance by a frame, press the R button. To unfreeze the game, simply press L again.

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1671
  • 20120621
    Author: MathOnNapkins
    If it ever annoyed you that Zelda 3 chests can only be opened from the front (which sort of makes sense, but regardless) there is a simple two byte change you can do to eliminate this.

    Go to offset $3B576 and change that byte and the following one to EA EA.

    The instruction before this looks at $2F (Link's direction) and the instruction you're NOPing out branches if it's not up ( 0 = up, and it's using BNE). The other directions are down = 2, left = 4, right = 6.

    So there you have it, Chrono Trigger/ Final Fantasy style chests using only two bytes.

    by Founder - Comments: 0 - Views: 1619

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