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Hyrule Magic Glitch Empty Hyrule Magic Glitch

Post by Erockbrox Thu 24 Dec 2015 - 18:10

I don't know if I ever showed this. Maybe I did or didn't, can't remember, but one day I was designing stuff in hyrule magic and then all of a sudden a saw rainbow glitches when dragging an object. Like under the object there were rainbow colors.

Then next time I saw the room again it looked like this.

Hyrule Magic Glitch Untitled%20glitch_zps9qswkqvl

Does anyone know about this glitch. This has only happened to me once since 2008 since I've been messing with it.


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Hyrule Magic Glitch Empty Re: Hyrule Magic Glitch

Post by Puzzledude Thu 24 Dec 2015 - 18:18

As destructive as this looks like, it is in fact a minor problem if you take a look at the hex code.

HM calculated the pointer wrong. In this case for room 117 and put the pointer sloghtly "of course". So now the pointer points to something "in-between" and what you see is the result.

2 options of debug:
-find the pointer for room 117 in hex and see where it points too. It should be obvious (usually seen from the back up files) where it should actually point, since all rooms end on the 3rd FF FF after the code for the individual rooms starts.

-I believe the easy way is also possible:
select bg1 in HM and press remove all, do the same for bg2 and bg3, then change the layout to 0 and should debug.

Reason for this bug: the space for dungeon room objects is full, or in other words, you are lacking space for this particular (dungeon objects) code.

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Hyrule Magic Glitch Empty Re: Hyrule Magic Glitch

Post by wizzrobemaster Thu 24 Dec 2015 - 21:37

how does this bug occur and I am surprised it never fixed.


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Hyrule Magic Glitch Empty Re: Hyrule Magic Glitch

Post by Founder Thu 24 Dec 2015 - 22:25

Happened to me many times before starting the dungeons from scratch.

To restore normal gfx in the room I used the duplicate room function in HM and it saved a lot of trouble.


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