[Asar] User-Friendly HUD Text ASM

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[Asar] User-Friendly HUD Text ASM

Post by Potentialing on Fri 5 Jul 2013 - 19:03

This ASM patch allows easy editing for the displayed text for each item on the pause menu as you hover over them. Maybe I'll update this with more configurable things, like X/Y position of each item or something. Enjoy!

Download: http://potatochan.com/files/asm/HUDtext.zip

Patch using Asar: http://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=4637

EDIT: Specifically, to use it, open the ASM in a text-document editor and modify the areas where items are listed.

e.g. "H^O^O^K^S^H^O^T^"

Keep an eye out for how many characters you type. Capital letters only, by the way.
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