Part2 automatically has "moon pearl effect"

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Part2 automatically has "moon pearl effect"

Post by moegami on Fri 7 Apr 2017 - 13:39

Would it be possible for part2 to automatically make link his normal form without the moon pearl? I have the moon pearl renounced as the bunny hood and would like to avoid giving link the moon pearl with the faster running early on in the game so the player can access the light world. Can I make it so even without the moon pearl link can appear normally?

(Not in part1, as there is a sequence where I want link to be in the dark world mode)

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Re: Part2 automatically has "moon pearl effect"

Post by Puzzledude on Fri 7 Apr 2017 - 17:45

The game really doesn't see it the way a human sees this. The game does not see the difference between bunny hood and the Moonpearl. It only checks the Ram address for this item and the ASM knows to then load faster speed. So these 2 items are one and the same.

I would say what you want still is doable, but again with further ASM, for the game will check for Moopearl when you go into the dark world. You need to hook from this code and include the part1/part2 as the original game does not have it event based.

And of course you need to regard Moonpearl and bunny hood as one item. There is also a possibility to breake this connection by assigning bunny hood to any other item (in which case the hood will be merged with that item).

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