Beta test for new TMR sensor (better than Hall Effect) joysticks

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Beta test for new TMR sensor (better than Hall Effect) joysticks Empty Beta test for new TMR sensor (better than Hall Effect) joysticks

Post by edale Mon 24 Jun 2024 - 22:22

I know this isn't a hardware modding community, but I figure there's enough crossover between the game modding and the hardware modding communities to warrant posting this here.

So you know how Hall Effect sensor joysticks have become a big thing recently, due to the lack of stick drift?

Well Gulikit has now developed TMR (Tunnel MagnetoResistance) sensor joysticks.

TMR joysticks are more accurate, have more temperature resistance, are more resistant to interference, and use MUCH less power (around 98% less) than Hall Effect sensors.

TMR technology was discovered around 2006, and is the reason why starting in 2006 we suddenly had HDDs that could store 1+ TB of data on a single platter. The people who discovered it won the Nobel Prize in 2007 for the discovery. Gulikit are the first company to apply TMR tech to joysticks.

The TMR joystick modules are available for the following controllers: Switch Pro, Xbox Series, DS4 (dualshock), and DS5 (dualsense).

Gulikit is working together with Aknes (one of their official resellers) to run a beta of the TMR joysticks before they are publicly released. Aknes is distributing 100 sets of joystick modules for each controller (so 400 total).

The joystick modules are completely free, including shipping. All you need to do is report back to them on the on the installation process, and any issues you encounter.

Soldering skills are REQUIRED, as you'll need to desolder the old joystick module, and solder the new one in.

You can sign up for multiple joystick modules if you have more than one of the controllers they're available for, but you can only get one per controller type (so you can get modules for a Swtich pro controller, a DS4, and a DS5; but you can't get 2 sets of DS4 modules).

Also, if you post an installation video to youtube, and Aknes decides to use that on their webpage/store, you will get a free Gulikit KingKong 3 Max controller (I have one, they're really nice).

If you want to participate in the beta, you need to join the Aknes Discord server:
Then fill out the application pinned in the "#tester-sign-up" channel.

You can read the announcement about the joysticks and the beta here:


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