Going "Deep" all the time? Strategy changes?

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Going "Deep" all the time? Strategy changes? Empty Going "Deep" all the time? Strategy changes?

Post by Catastrophe Fri 8 Sep 2017 - 20:35

In the newest version of the logic there is a greater chance than ever before for progression items to appear inside of dungeons. What technically happened was that some bias towards the "free" locations was removed, thus allowing items which could theoretically appear anywhere, to appear anywhere with a more even probability.

I've only played 11 seeds of v26: 8 of which were standard open, 3 of which were entrance randomizer. This is what I've noticed:

1) My average number of required dungeons is 8.5. My average number of required re-visits is 1.

2) My average "spots checked" in the credits is around 165/216. I am a bad player and I take some hearts that are lying around that a good player would skip. But I look at and leave plenty of other items. My true "spots checked" is higher.

3) My overworld is constantly blocked, but also as complete as it can be.

I've only done 11 seeds, but this technically superior randomness feels less random.

1) The strategy is always go deep. Always. Clean it out. Do basement Hera.

2) I always have all the safety I need. Because I have to check 75% of all chests I'm never without cape or silvers for Vitreous. I've done silverless Ganon once, since.

3) I frequently notice massively linear sections of the game at the beginning or the end. The randomizer doesn't ever "open up" like it used to. If my overworld is 60% complete and 40% blocked, and only two dungeons are open, then I must go into one of those two dungeons. If I find the boots then that unlocks just 4 new squares and one new dungeon.

4) Does anyone ever enter Go Mode with 2 or more crystals left? I mean before visiting 6 dungeons.

tl;dr - new logic means check more spaces. But checking more spaces means checking all the spaces, which means doing the same thing for every seed and always having every item.


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