SPC files and loops ingame...

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SPC files and loops ingame... Empty SPC files and loops ingame...

Post by RedScorpion Sat 20 Jan 2018 - 23:53

Hi Team,

iam currently working on sd3 msu and check a lot of different spc files.

I thought about the way, to use the spc file to find the optimal loop pointer for each msu track.

But my research stuck a little bit, because the most spc files for snes game has no extended header and this means the DSP controlls the spc loops.

I used vgmtrans which can show you the tracks and some other infos.

My question is, is there any way to find out how the loop point will use from the dsp and convert this hex data to a time in the spc file?!



SPC files and loops ingame... Image111

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