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SimCity - Page 6 Empty SimCity

Patch v8 Final for US/FR ROMs (fix music pause/resume)*:

* Please verify provided CRC checksums in readme file before using this patch. Please do not re-use old save games. In other words, erase your old SRM files or you will have problems.

Shiryu PCM Sets:
#011 - SimCity: Chiptune Administration
SimCity - Page 6 MSU1-011-SimCity-ChiptuneAdministration

#012 - SimCity: Orchestral Administration
SimCity - Page 6 MSU1-012-SimCity-OrchestralAdministration

#013 - SimCity: Synthetic Administration
SimCity - Page 6 MSU1-013-SimCity-SyntheticAdministration

FullGameZone/CarFlightGames PCM set:

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Since : 2017-10-16

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Post on Fri 8 May 2020 - 9:00 by alex_tenjo

I confirm that the brilliant Conn's NMI routine debugging, and the flawless pepillopev's porting operations released in version 8 solve all the problems present in the PAL-FRA version.

I can not be sure of that, but my guess is that problem was occurring since the beginning, and is the reason why there were unsolvable bugs and glitch in all the WIP and released versions since version 1.3 of the patch (at least highlighted in the PAL version).

Thanks again to both of you for going so far and sole that mystery. I am very happy to get it fixed (and also happy for pepillopev who works on that specific version for a very long time).

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Post on Fri 8 May 2020 - 9:36 by pepillopev

@alex_tenjo I am pleased to hear that this issue is finally resolved for good. I was stuck in 'tunnel vision' mode really bad. I had to call in the big guns for assistance to see past my own self-created roadblock, lol.  Good news, nonetheless.

Thanks again Conn for helping me on this. Same to you alex_tenjo for staying the course. I know Mr FGZ should be pleased as well.

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Post on Mon 11 May 2020 - 20:41 by fullgamezone

I played for 2 hours straight and no crashes. I think it finally looks good. It wasn't my sd2snes, it was a bug

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Post on Mon 11 May 2020 - 20:47 by pepillopev

fullgamezone wrote:I played for 2 hours straight and no crashes. I think it finally looks good. It wasn't my sd2snes, it was a bug
Glad to hear the final patch was a success. Took a long time but glad it is done.

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Post on Tue 12 May 2020 - 17:18 by Conn

It wasn't my sd2snes, it was a bug
Yes, sorry that I suspected this. Alex and pev gave thumbs up while only you seemed to have this problem. First since relikk reported a similar issue it was clear that there still was something wrong with the patch.

Why it sometimes worked could have different reasons:
- people used different pcm sets so some tracks were shorter and could be loaded in the limited nmi time without causing a second nmi
- it was some weird pal/NTSC thing, like ntsc had some more nmi time (However relikk tested on ntsc).

Whatever the reason was we know the cause and it should be fixed Smile

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