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Post by Founder Thu 8 Aug 2013 - 23:16

- What is overlord?:

Overlord will run a specific code in any dungeon/OW screen of your choosing

The MAIN codes will run every frame in a level.

The INIT codes will run before the MAIN code for one frame. It can be used to initialize your codes, or run a certain code once in the beginning.

- What do I patch?:

Patch Overlord.asm if you patch any of the others it ill likely crash your ROM. Aldo make sure those files are in the same folder as xkas!!

- How do I work this?:

For dungeons:
First open your ROM in HM (Hyrule Magic), and find the dungeon you want to run the code for. At the top left of the dungeon window you should see "Room: XXX", take that number and convert it to hex (you can use windows calculator or something).
e.g. if I want to run a code in room 260, I'd convert that to hex then ctrl+f it in dungeon MAIN/INIT, and put my code there.

For OW:
The OW has already been converted to hex so just find the OW level you want ("Area XX") to run the code at and ctrl+f it in OW MAIN/INIT.

Also note that everytime you add new code you must patch the patch again!

Want to save some space? If you find a spot in the ROM where you want to use it's code, first copy the address (e.g. $00803B) then open Overlord.asm. ctrl+f the dungeon/OW number you want to run the code at and replace the lable with address (e.g. "dl Dungeoninit2C" -> "dl $00803B").

- Any example codes?:

There in one in "OWmain2C:"

- TitleScreen.asm?:

This will run a code every frame on the title screen, and during the nintendo presents screen.

- Revert.asm?:

This will restore the hijacks Overlord made.

Zip File: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qh4nmtpcn8h1yv9/Overlord.zip


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Overlord Tool Empty Re: Overlord Tool

Post by Entity1037 Sun 3 Dec 2023 - 14:52

The download is dead, could someone re-upload it?

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Overlord Tool Empty Re: Overlord Tool

Post by FredPope Fri 15 Dec 2023 - 6:05

I can't find where to download it from.


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