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Post by Conn Mon 2 Apr 2018 - 7:53

Most MSU-1 hacks are for non-header roms. Here's a short tutorial what a header is and how to remove it.

Usually if your rom has a smc extension it has a header and sfc extension has none. This however isn't always the case. To verify open your rom in a hex editor like HxD:

If your rom has a header, you notice it that the first $200 bytes are almost completely zero:s:

Remove header Image217
Example of a header (marked in blue)

To get rid of it, download the following tool (snes rom utility):

Start it, open the rom
if the rom has a header click on the right side below tasks -> remove header, ok
the program automatically creates "romname_noheader.smc"
Now you simply need to patch this rom with the msu patch and rename it.

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Post by alcesmire Tue 10 Apr 2018 - 15:54

For *NIX users, you don't need any tools not available already.


Hexdumping the beginning could be done with xxd or hexdump which is available by default on most systems, e.g.
xxd -l 1024 rom.smc

Strip header

Stripping the first 512 bytes is as easy as
dd bs=1 skip=512 if=rom.smc of=rom_noheader.smc
tail -c +513 rom.smc > rom_noheader.smc

Add header

To add a header of zeroes to the file you could do something like
cat <(dd if=/dev/zero bs=1 count=512) rom_noheader.smc > rom.smc
or if your shell doesn't support that kind of in place file descriptors
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1 count=512 | cat - rom_noheader.smc > rom.smc


If you for some reason would need it you could also had backed up the existing header, say with
dd if=rom.smc bs=1 count=512 of=header.bak
and added it back later with
cat header.bak rom_noheader.smc > rom.smc

Gotta love good old command line tools.


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