Traceing and the $2004 break point

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Traceing and the $2004 break point Empty Traceing and the $2004 break point

Post by Polargames Fri 21 Sep 2018 - 17:55

Hi everyone, I hope all is well.

I always wated to ask about traceing a game. When you use a debugger and you hit the run button does it automatically trace the whole game right of the bat, or as you play a game on it. I had wounder how that all worked because it was something I don't know anything on that and I just wated to ask about it.

I also wanted to ask how does a $2004 break point work for a non moded game. I had brought it up because when pepv was working on his wrestling game I had saw that you can use it for a non patch game, he did give the break point for it and I understand that, I was just wanted to ask could it still be used for a game if someone wanted to do it just out of pure boardoum. I am just asking in genural and that is all. Thank you for reading my post, have a great day Smile

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Traceing and the $2004 break point Empty Re: Traceing and the $2004 break point

Post by Conn Fri 21 Sep 2018 - 19:13

I think I already gave you this link:

If you had gone through it, you'd have found Geiger Tracing in vol2.

Bsnes tracing works similar, you only need to make a hook at
- Trace S-CPU opcodes
- recommended: Enable trace mask as well (it's like trace once option, otherwise already executed opcodes get logged repeatedly resulting in hundreds of MB of trace log)

a breakpoint with $2004 will of course only work if you already addressed this address in your msu code, the native code does not have it.

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