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Post Wed 3 Feb 2021 - 7:10 by thegreatzubari

pepillopev wrote:
thegreatzubari wrote:...Yes, It seems the issue is breaking through a stage with a weapon
Hmm, that is unfortunate. Does this bug occur on the normal Hulk patched ROM as well?

I really not believe that the MSU-MD patch is interfering with the Hulk one. As you can see below. Both patches are 100% compatible with each other using the LSA Patch Checker. See below...

Streets Of Rage 2 (MD+) - Page 3 Image_11

If this indeed is happening with the hulk patch alone, you might one to contact Metal64 over at

If the bug is happening with the stand alone Krikkz MSU-MD patch, then you will need to post over at

I'll give it a whirl and see what the issue is.

I'll get back to you guys

I just checked with the Hulk patch without MSU.
Stage transitions do NOT freeze when holding a weapon.
I checked the MSU one again and it still froze with stage transitions while holding a weapon.

Does anyone have a similar problem?

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Post Sun 28 Feb 2021 - 16:06 by LG30

Hi everyone, I end up with a red screen every time as soon as I patch the game. Could you tell me which exact rom to patch and in which format (bin, md, smd ..). Thank you.

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Post Sun 28 Feb 2021 - 16:10 by Relikk

It should be "Streets Of Rage 2 (USA) or (U)".

CRC-32: e01fa526

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Post Sun 28 Feb 2021 - 16:43 by LG30


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