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NHL'94 MSU1 Empty NHL'94 MSU1

Post by BillyJo Sun 19 Jan 2020 - 13:48

Hi everyone, since some times i follow all your mod and all the work everyone here have done to a number of games and i have to say that's fantastic.

I'm a beginner in programming and i would like as a first projet to msu1 the games NHL'94 on snes. I know that the genesis game as a great community, but the snes version had nothing to deal with since some times, so i would like to try it.

I have found on some forum that music looks to be at adress : around DB53F to DBFA1.

As i said, i am at my first step on snes modification and i've read some tutorial to understand how the Snes work... and understand is language... not an easy task...

After reading some pdf, i try now to understand how debugging a snes games... another great task Razz After reading on this forum i read that SNES read/write to SPC- 700 at adress $2140 to $2143. Now how can i get it with a debugger a breakpoint with the info i have ?

Did i'm best to focus on read/write to SPC-700 ? or focus on when a music is exec or readed by the game ?

I know i have a lot of work to do and a lot of skills to develop, but i see this as a long term project ! Thanks all for your help and i hope i will be able to help you continue to grow the list of games MSU'ed Smile


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NHL'94 MSU1 Empty Re: NHL'94 MSU1

Post by Polargames Sun 19 Jan 2020 - 14:38

Hello Billy Jo, the debugger you need would be bsnes debugger. V4 is the best one because its tends to work better. Now with the information you have $2140-$2143, you need to trace that first, then look at the trace log and go from there. Now, I myself am not a expert at all on this. All the games are different on how to msu them. If you have a good understanding of ASM your off on a better start. Its all trial and error. I wish I could give you more information but honestly this pretty much sums it up. I wish you the best though :-D

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