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Interesting videos about anything ... Empty Interesting videos about anything ...

Post by darthvaderx Sun 24 May 2020 - 14:11

If you found an interesting video on the web that you liked very much and thought that everyone should see it, please share this experience with all of us.
To inaugurate this topic I will post some videos that I made myself, as this forum practically talks about romhacks, how about a collection of games ported from other consoles to the NES? (Whether through hacks, demos, homebrews, bootlegs or even the official ones).
I'm posting about games, but anything else interesting, ok? Thank you.

Part 1:

AfterBurner (Master System/Arcade)
AfterBurner II (Mega Drive-Genesis/Arcade)
Alien Syndrome (Master System/Arcade)
Alladin (SNES)
Altered Beast (Master System/Arcade)
Angry Birds (IOS/Android)
Asteroids (Atari 7800/Arcade)
Berserk (Atari 2600/Arcade)
BlockOut (PC)
Bonk's Adventure (PC Engine-Turbografx-16)
Boogerman (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Donkey Kong Country (SNES)
D-Pad Hero (DJ Hero)
D-Pad Hero II (DJ Hero 2)
Dragon Ball Z - Super Batouden 2 (SNES)

Part 2:

E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial (Atari 2600)
Earthworm Jim (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Fantasy Zone (Master System/Arcade)
Fantasy Zone II (Master System)
Fatal Fury 2 (Neo Geo/Arcade)
Fatal Fury Special (Neo Geo/Arcade)
Final Fantasy VII (Playstation)
Final Fight 3 (SNES)
Flappy Bird (IOS/Android)
Gaiapolis (Arcade)
Golden Axe III (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Hard Drivin' (PC)
Jurassic Park - The Lost World (SNES)
King Of Fighters '96 (Neo Geo/Arcade)
King Of Fighters '97 (Neo Geo/Arcade)

Part 3:

Legend Of Zelda - A Link To The Past (SNES)
Leisure Suit Larry (PC)
Lion King (SNES)
Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Mickey Mania (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (ZyuRanger Port)
Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - The Movie (SNES)
Mortal Kombat (Arcade)
Mortal Kombat 2 (Arcade)
Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)
Phantasy Star IV (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Pitfall! (Atari 2600)
Pocahontas (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Pokémon Yellow Version (Game Boy/Color)
Pong (Arcade)

Part 4:

Rally-X (Arcade)
Resident Evil (Playstation)
ROM City Rampage (Retro City Rampage port)
R-Type (Arcade)
Samurai Shodown (Neo Geo/Arcade)
Samurai Shodown 2 (Neo Geo/Arcade)
Shadow Of The Beast Demo (Amiga)
Shinobi (Master System/Arcade)
Shinobi 3: Return of the Ninja Master (Mega Drive)
Sim City (PC)
Snail Maze (Master System)
Sonic The Hedgehog (Mega Drive-Genesis)
Space Harrier (Master SystemArcade)
Street Fighter II (Arcade)
Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Arcade)

Part 5:

Super Mario Bros. All-Stars intro (SNES)
Super Mario World (SNES)
Super Pang (Arcade)
Super Pang 2 (Arcade)
Superman (Sunman original port)
Tekken 2 (Playstation/Arcade)
The Terminator (Jouney to Sillius original port)
Tomb Raider (PC/Playstation)
Ultimate Frogger Champion (Arcade)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Arcade)
Wonder Boy (Master System/Arcade)
World Heroes (Neo Geo/Arcade)
Ys - Ancient Ys Vanished  (NEC PC8801/MSX)
Ys 2 - Ancient Ys Vanished The Final Chapter (NEC PC8801/MSX)
Ys 3 - Wanderers From Ys  (NEC PC8801/MSX)



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